Halloween Costume Gone Wrong

By Adrian Choi, TIWP Student, Middle School Boys’ Program

“Hey what are you going to be for Halloween?”

“Just a daredevil,” I reply. Uhh uhh uhh. Finally I get my costume on and I am ready to go trick-or-treating. 10 p.m., the perfect time. Dang, going trick or treat with no friends cuz I have none.

“Trick or treat!” Urrghh.

After the millionth house I look at my bag. One thousand candies. That ain’t bad. But to go to the professional trick-or-treating tournament, maybe not. Grabbing my pillow case, I decide to head home. I get my phone out and load Pokemon Go. Gotta catch ’em all.

Reaching me house, I head to the attic and dump my candy. One hundred snickers, blah blah blah. Thump thump thump. Wait, what? Why, why are my hands becoming… Boom! In a snap, I become a daredevil with a fresh mind!

I will destroy the world. I will eat the organs of everyone. First, my dad. Mmmm. I can slice him up for a yummy snack. Slice and dice. Mmm. Blood for my drink and yummy intestines. After I clear the house, I head to the streets and head to EVERY house. Every single one. I am getting a little full and a little fat. Actually it looks like I have gained a couple hundred pounds. But who cares?

Clearing the nearbys, there is one more left, but it looks sketchy. A small, old fashioned little house. Opening the door, I take quiet footsteps up to the bedroom. A zombie hanging in the bathroom. Huh? Just a grandma. SLLLIIICE. But I hear one more thing. Pew. Falling to the ground I get shot in the head by a ten-time bow and arrow champion and my is life gone.

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