How Far We’ve Fallen

By Sol Dente, TIWP Student

To the ancients we were hallowed as gods.

They thought that the patterns of the stars were etched between our scars, that the answers to the universe were written out on our bound chests. They thought that the heavens cradled our tear-stained faces while we slept and the patterns of the tides were hidden beyond our hollow lips.

To them, we could walk to the afterlife and back, we could predict the movements of the land and calm the fiercest deities.

We were respected, worshiped, loved by people who saw difference as something magical to be celebrated.

We had no need to hide, to cower, to run, for we were the gods and we were free.

To the masses we are abominations.

They think that threats are hidden between the folds of our skirts, that the lines that cross our chest hide the scriptures of the devil. They think that the colors we wear with pride contradict the nature of the universe itself, that the blood that stains our fingers carries the fires of hell.

To them we prey on innocent people, to them we are ill or confused or weak.

We are denied our basic rights, pushed from our homes, and killed in cold blood by a society that sees being different as punishable by death.

We hide our binders and our flags, cower before our relatives, and run from the muzzles of guns and the blades of knives.

We were once seen as gods.

Look how far we’ve fallen.

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