They’re Bananas

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student

Yellow bananas. 
Now they’re rotten.
Now they’re gone. 
Now there’s more in the fruit bowl. 
But no one eats them. 
They’re bananas. 
They’re yellow bananas. 
They’re rotten bananas. 
Now they’ve gone bananas. 
there’s more. 
But she’s the only one who eats them. 
They’re bananas.
You walk into our house. 
There is a rotten smell. 
It’s rotten bananas.
Yellow bananas. 
Rotten bananas.
Gone bananas. 
Yet she still buys more. 
More bananas. 
But we don’t eat them. 
They’re bananas. 
she throws them in the trash. 
She looks kind of sad. 
“What a waste,” 
she says. 
I pat her on the back.
Then I say
the words I hate myself for saying. 
“It’s alright.
You can buy more.
They’re bananas.” 

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