The House on Ape Street

By Kimya Karachi, TIWP Student

It was October 31st, and the three kids were bored at home after they heard Halloween was canceled. They decided to visit the haunted house on Ape Street, the house that every child dreaded walking by, the house that nobody wanted to be at on Halloween night.

Around 11 p.m. they decided to sneak out while their parents were sleeping. They opened the doors and tiptoed out of the house quietly. As they ran down the street, six blocks over, they started to approach the house. They got closer and closer, and couldn’t resist stopping and staring at what they had gotten themselves into.

They were each too proud to say they wanted to go home, so without saying a word they continued to the front door. It was dark and foggy and no lights were on, the only way they saw what was in front of them was from the moon glaring at them from above. There were always rumors that the man that originally owned the house had died inside, and that his own wife had killed him… No one knew where the husband and wife had gone, especially since they went missing ten years ago.

The grass was brown and there were graves pinned into the soil. There were rat and snake holes everywhere and the gravel path leading up to the front door had some sort of red liquid splattered everywhere. (Let’s hope it was just cranberry juice.) The weather was cold and cloudy, and an odd breeze kept recurring. Each kid dreaded being first, or even being last in line. As the door creaked open, a giant chandelier had draped down and the bulbs had been shattered and were left all over the hardwood floors. There were cobwebs everywhere, and each kid could have sworn a family of mice had moved in. The house smelled of mold and faint perfume and the front door hadn’t even been locked. Each step you took the loose floorboards would creak and creak as if someone was underneath. The house seemed a bit too quiet and everyone had that feeling of being watched.

The kids decided to start by exploring the downstairs first. Feeling a little less nervous, they walked into the kitchen. There were old plates that were half broken, dirty, and covered in dust stacked up in the sink. As they all walked into the kitchen they were constantly looking back to hear water leaking from the tap. As they moved into the dining room, they got deeper and deeper into the house. Out of nowhere, the door had slammed shut. Each kid was startled and scared, staring at each other, not knowing what to do or who was there. Had there been another person in the house? Was it the creepy old wife who had killed her husband? Or was it just the wind?

The kids bolted to the front door toppling over the furniture. One of the kids yanked at the doorknob, but it wouldn’t budge… He yanked at it again, but it seemed to be locked. He turned around and looked at his friends uneasily. Each and every one of them regretted what they had gotten themselves into. While none of them had phones to call for help, they realized there could be someone in the house among them. As they walked over to the living room, the lights oddly started to flicker and the curtains started rustling. At this point each kid knew there was someone in that house as well, but who???

They looked around, noticing that the furniture had been covered in sheets and seemed awfully lumpy. One of the three children decided to take a seat on top of the sheets. He rested his bum over the dusty old couch not thinking much of it. As he sat down he felt something under him, as if he had accidentally sat on something other than the couch. He sat up and ripped off the sheets. Looking down he had realized it was a dead man. He thought it must have been the old man whose wife had supposedly killed him.

Before saying a word, he heard a scream from upstairs and fast footsteps running towards them. Someone had been watching them! The door flew open and without looking back all three kids bolted out of the house and ran all the way home.

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