By Kea Yoshinaka, TIWP Student

Come over and hold me
I’m lonely but I hate you— 
I hate myself more.
I’ll shove you.
Please don’t shove back.
Sensitivity has never been too fond of me. 
I stare at the ceiling.
I’m anxious and chaotic
bordering on neurotic 
and holding on to whatever I’ve got left.
I guess I suck the fun out of life.
I’ve threaded my mind with a knife,
and I never planned to let it get this far. 
Delusions cloud my day
a sweet escape,
And I get I don’t need to be here
But it’s all I’ve ever known.
I can’t let go, I can’t let go
and if I do, 
everything before this was pointless. 
Hold me tighter.
Wrap your arms around my heart,
mold me how you want,
I am your art.
I’ve never been my own.
Save me from myself. 
I can’t look in mirrors anymore.
I’m pouring out of my mouth,
the words drowned in my tears.

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