The Impossible Rules of Being a Teenage Girl

By Taryn Pearce, TIWP Student

You have to get good grades, have an amazing social life and also look untouchable. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Don’t show too much skin, ’cause then you’re a slut, but if you don’t show enough, you’re a prude. Don’t party because it’s unattractive, but if you don’t, then you’re lame. Don’t be loud because you will scare the boys away, but if you’re too quiet no one will notice you. Don’t be too skinny cause you will look anorexic, but if you’re not skinny enough, maybe lay off the cake and go to the gym. Compromise yourself and your body so you can get a boyfriend, but don’t compromise too much or you’re a whore. Be smart and get good grades, just as long as you’re not the smartest because others will be threatened. 

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