Words of the Universe

By Olivia Tiffin, TIWP Student

Subtlety, it’s danced across my heart. Weighing every step, one thousand pounds. A tickle reached my chest as it swam through the rivers of my blood. Stars twinkled above my head, speaking the universe’s bidding. The air around me drops, twisting my lungs into a knot. The breeze felt like fire across my skin, but harmless. A knife had pierced me surely. But no, not death. Warmth surrounds me, as I fall to the ground. A sensation fills my body. Whispers. Sounds define my ears, as a hand touches me. I whip around to see this figure. I see nothing. Just light. My breath turns to bronze as my body fills with liquid. I close my eyes, and drown. Emptiness. Everything goes silent. The voices stop, everything stops. I feel as if I’m floating. I peel my eyes open. The grass tickles my feet. The soil satisfies my back. My eyes drift to the universe, as I stared into the sky.

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