A Formal Apology to Taylor Swift

By Erin Hambidge, TIWP Student

I’ve apologized many times in my life, but no one has deserved it more than you

I’m sorry I can’t listen to your music without feeling a pang of guilt, as it still reminds me of the foolish girl I used to be

I’m sorry I dismissed your songs as trivial when I cry to champagne problems every night

I’m sorry I laughed at my friends for going to your concert when I sing aloud every time I hear your voice on the radio

I’m sorry that whenever someone asked if I liked your music I protested vehemently, clinging to the foolish hope that if I rejected feminine things perhaps I wouldn’t be feminine at all

I’m sorry I believed the lies the media fed me

I’m sorry I allowed those lies to cover me like ivy, uprooting everything I once loved about you

I’m sorry I was so eager to tear down a confident women when I now look around and ask why there aren’t enough

I’m sorry I allowed myself to believe femininity was a weakness when all I see when I look at you now is strength 

I’m sorry I wrap myself in your words I once rejected like a cardigan

I’m sorry that I was complicit in ridiculing you for one too many boyfriends

I’m sorry that when you walk up on the stage there is always a man trying to force you down

I’m sorry that while I saw you embrace being a women I shied away and watched from the safety of my tomboy clothes 

I’m sorry I live in a society so eager to condemn you simply for succeeding 

I’m sorry it took a redemption tour and the shattered image of a country princess for me to open my eyes

I’m sorry because no matter how many spotify playlists I dedicate to you it will never be enough

I’m sorry it took me so long to realize that a powerful women is not defined by the clothes she wears or the words she sings

Most of all though, I’m sorry I didn’t have the courage to be the girl ten-year-old me wanted to be

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