By Erin Hambidge, TIWP Student

History watched the universe long before mankind first walked the Earth. She watched galaxies unfurl, spreading starry arms across the sky. She watched the planets dance around the sun, and stars take their last breath before flickering out completely. As long as time continued to pass, she watched.

She was still young, a child really, when she saw the first human. Soon there were more, cities of a species that refused to die out. The sound of clanging metal and felled trees soon filled the air, and she watched as homes were built and tools were created. 

The humans intrigued her. There was no reason, or purpose for their existence. It seemed as though they were put on Earth simply to survive – and that they did. For every tree felled an axe sunk into another. For every animal shot out of the sky, another hunter aimed his bow with deadly precision.  

It seemed it was not enough to survive. No. These humans wanted to thrive.

It wasn’t long before they turned on each other, axes meant for the forest felling men, women, and children alike. 

If there was one constant she could find among the chaos it was death, for she realized they would never be satisfied until they could escape it. So the wars, and sickness, and blights continued, for any attempt to flee brought them right back to Death’s waiting arms.

It was a cycle as constant as the rhythms of the universe, and she soon grew tired, her faith in humanity dimming. That faith did not go out entirely however, as she saw the good as well as the bad. They were artists, writers, musicians, and poets that spoke of a life beyond survival. One where humans rejoiced and celebrated nature. Where they watched the sun rise and set, cheering as it did. 

For the first time, they asked if there was more to life than simply existing.    

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