By Mira Haldar, TIWP Student

What is love?
Does it come from the heart?
Does it form a connection? Even when you’re apart?
Is it warm like sunshine? Or cool like rain?
Does it feel like a bond? Or profound pain?

An eternal abyss of sublime virtue,
a physical and mental state; no one can hurt you.
A feeling so ardent, it encompasses you whole,
with such great passion, it possesses your soul.

You are taken to an Elysian dimension.
All conflicts diminish.
You are one with the celestial heavens.
Adoration, start to finish.

Some love is austere,
like sharp ice on a glass.
A stern admiration for the better,
to relieve one’s past.

So what is love?
An infinite connection? Or sacred bond?
Love is in the eyes of the beholder
and the heart will respond.

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