Late Night Murder

By Graham Jenkins, TIWP Student

Yo what popping big G? Nothing much young buck. I am just preparing for my 100th b-day. It is going to be hecka lit and I even asked Spencer X to come perform at my party. Yoooooo that is straight up gangster grandpa. You know what my favorite song is young buck? Uhhhh duhhhh! Let me give you a little sample: “Everybody wants to be somebody.” Wow that was straight bars. Now let me prepare because we only have one hour till the guests start showing up.

“Time to go into the shower,” says grandpa to himself.

“This is going swiftly,” Dora says while staring through the window. She then opens the window as slowly as possible to make no noise and then she sees big Grandpa Joe’s caretaker standing outside the bathroom. Dora puts chloroform on a towel and puts it over the caretaker’s mouth. The caretaker immediately falls and then Dora hides her in Grandpa Joe’s closet. Finally, the water turns off and Dora rushes through the bathroom door, and with one swift hand movement, Grandpa Joe is dead. Dora quietly crawls back through the window and escapes.

One hour later the caretaker wakes up and goes to the bathroom because she feels super light-headed. She walks in and there is Grandpa Joe lying there with no blood and no traces of anything because of the water drops that were still dripping. The caretaker screams as loud as she can, “AHHHHHH!” Everyone rushes in, only to see the caretaker standing there with tears running down her face.

Later that night, everyone was trying to get an interview with the caretaker that first noticed the crime. This was the biggest news story in years. Everyone was trying to figure out who had killed the 100-year-old man and why. “Who would want to hurt such an old man?” says the news reporter.

Dora turns off the TV and starts thinking about who her next target will be and when. “I have to think quickly before anyone can get closer to finding out who I am,” says Dora.

Later that night, Dora sneaks into the caretaker’s apartment to see blood running out under the bathroom door. “Somebody must have gotten here before me,” Dora says. But then she hears footsteps coming up the stairs. She rushes into a closet to only find her monkey’s dead body.

“Boot Boots, are you okay?” Dora says. Now she is enraged. “Whoever did this, I am coming for you!”

While pulling a knife out of her backpack, somebody opens the door to the apartment. “Jessica, you in here?” says the lady that just entered the room. But then Dora leaps out knowing that if that lady makes a noise, everything could be at risk. Dora then stabs her in the stomach fifteen times and lays the body in the bathroom with the caretaker who had been murdered just before Dora showed up to the apartment. Two days later, the two bodies were found together.

Fifteen years later, Dora has killed seventeen more people and still has not been caught. Legend has it that she is still out there seeking revenge for whoever killed her pet monkey Boot Boots.

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