By Elise Flagg, TIWP Student

There is a small papercut at the bottom of my heart. Very small, but very much there. My insides tangle, unable to be unwound. There are no more butterflies left. The papercut starts to extend. My mind is almost empty. The only thoughts left being darker than the night sky, except there are no stars. No more tears left to clear my conscience and get rid of the angel of death lingering in my shadow. No more sparkle in my eye or jump to my walk. Inside I am being taken over, the shadows encompassing every part of me bit by bit. Tense muscles and never feeling safe. Cut off from the world, being left behind in everyone else’s shadows, forgotten. My mind hurts, but soon enough I am immune and I no longer feel pain. The papercut is now a gash. My feet have no desire to touch the earth’s ground. Emotionless, I am. My worst fear. I have no pain. No happiness. No excitement. Nothing left for me. I fall back into my shadow where I’m face to face with the angel of death. There she is, looking into my soulless eyes that once sparkled like diamonds in an empty mine. I recognize her. She used to be the angel of light, but the darkness of my shadow must’ve seeped in her for too long. With one final blink of an eye and the indelicate touch of my guardian angel, the papercut reaches the top of my heart, and I am forever heartbroken.

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