Alone Without You

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student

The sand is pulled back by the frigid waves.
The water splashes against a rock covered in seaweed and barnacles. 
The spray hits my face, sharp and mad and shockingly cold.
With a shaking hand, I wipe it off, though the smell of salt still lingers.
I hear kids laughing in the distance, happy and carefree.
I hate them. 
The wet, drip-like sand near my feet suddenly stirs.
I see the shell first.
It’s so smooth. There are no cracks. No imperfections.
It’s the opposite of life.
Then the tiny crab follows. 
His red, furry arms are digging and burrowing through the sand. 
What is he hoping to find?
The small, quick minnows, dashing through the shallows?
He could never catch one. 
And then he does. 
And he eats it.
And he leaves.
And I am alone.
Alone on the beach with the moon rising.
Alone with the waves lapping up against my bare feet.
Alone with my thoughts.
Alone without you. 

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