The Secret to Love

By Taryn Pearce, TIWP Student

I think the secret to love is love.

Ever since I can remember, the idea that love is what I’m searching for has been imprinted in my head. Thinking about all the movies I watched as a kid, all they taught me was that I should wait for my prince charming and then love him unconditionally because he “saved” me. For goodness’ sake, Belle in Beauty in the Beast was kidnapped, held hostage, and then fell in love with her captor. Pardon my French, but WTF? These movies have romanticized unhealthy relationships and from a young age, girls are taught that this is okay. No movie has ever told me to love myself. I’m not saying that I want to be single forever or that I don’t need to feel love from others, but I think the secret to love is self love. When you love yourself and know your worth, you attract the love you are deserving of.

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