Cinderella, JD

By Kiera Roux, TIWP Student

Cinderella climbed up the dusty ladder to her attic bedroom, tumbling onto her bed and kicking her shoes off with exhaustion. Pain throbbed up her back and neck from slouching over the floors to polish them. Her stepmother and sisters had gone to bed, so she could finally splay out like a starfish on her bed. She starred up at her ceiling, the stars peaking through the holes in the roof.

She rolled onto her stomach and stared at the trunk of books her father gave her before he died. Each month she would read a new book and she had just finished a book on anthropology. Opening the case, she dusted off a thick black book that had embroidered on the cover, “A Beginners Guide to Law.” An old memory resurfaced of her father explaining to her that he was a lawyer, and lawyers were people who helped those in need with something called ethical and lawful rights.

She quickly opened the book, one of the few remaining tokens of her childhood, as it once was. She spent the next few hours absolutely devouring it. A new world opened up as she learned about deeds, prenups, wills, defenses, prosecutions, misdemeanors and criminal offenses. At 3 a.m., she finally closed the book, her mind spinning with all that she had learned. Cinderella looked around her dank attic bedroom and began questioning her entire life. She stumbled down her ladder and quietly went into her father’s old office, which has been upturned with ribbons and gowns for some upcoming ball she could care less about.

Cinderella opened the drawer of his desk where he had kept all of his precious belongings and shifted through the papers until she found it:  his will.

Anger screamed through her veins and her teeth clenched as she read over the document giving her the deed to the house and a trust fund. But her stepmother was still her legal guardian.

“I have to get an attorney…” she thought. But her family would be sure to find out and lock her up forever. She recalled that the book explained the various programs that offered law degrees online.

“I’m going to be become a lawyer,” she decided, and then I’m going to sue that witch so bad her shoes fall off.”

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