By Will Leibowitz, TIWP student

Five years ago today my dad died in an experiment, but today I will get revenge. He was doing an experiment with a scientist named Ven. He knew something that my dad didn’t, something that would kill my dad, but not him. So today I will kill him.

I walk into the lab where he is doing an experiment with other people, and I get into the sealed-off room. The difference between him and me is that I know something that he doesn’t: I have a gas that is in a bottle in my bag. Halfway into the project, I tell Ven that I am going to get my water bottle. He lets me go and I get the bottle. When I get into the room, I lock the door and release it. Suddenly they die. I then stab Ven with a knife and leave.

No one even knew it was me, and that’s the part of the mystery. I am in jail right now, but not me, the fake me, the one that I programmed. I am sitting at home, while the world thinks that I am going to die tomorrow in the electric chair, but I’ll be here watching it happen. You might wonder why the whole world knows about this case; it’s because Ven was the most famous scientist.

Also, the other me is a robot, and that gas that I released was not gas at all, it was oxygen from earth. Everyone thinks they are on planet earth, but they are actually on planet 14726, which will be destroyed in a week. I am just one step ahead of the dumb creatures that call themselves humans, because I was the one who made them.

You see, the world ended 100,000 years ago, and they kept going. I hacked the system basically. You know the movie, “The Matrix?” Well, that’s what happened for about 2,000 years, and those 2,000 years were a perfect time to hack it. To make them think it kept going. So if you are listening to me reading you this, I am sorry to say, but you are, well, dead.

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