A List of Misogynistic Things Boys Have Said to Me Before and What I Wish I Said Back

By Elise Flagg, TIWP Student

  1. Women aren’t funny.

I hear this one a lot. Boys like to use this a lot when a girl makes a joke and they don’t get it. The “F” in women stands for funny. (I don’t see an “F” in men either.) But really. Why does someone’s gender determine if they are funny or not? Instead of making everything about gender, how about focusing on what’s actually not funny—which was their joke? And stop saying that same joke. You’re not funny either, bud, and it’s way overused so maybe make some new content.

  1. Is it that time of month?

    Yeah, Brad, it actually is, so thank you for asking! Just because I’m expressing my emotions, doesn’t mean it’s that time of the month. Did you ever consider you’re just a complete asshole?

  1. You’re really smart… for a girl.

I get this one a lot. Because yeah, I am smart, and I can play sports so boys always feel the need to add on that little extra sentence at the end “for a girl”. Congratulations, you have eyes. But the point should not be because I’m a girl, it’s surprising. How about, I don’t know maybe, “You’re really smart.” End of sentence.

  1. You should smile more.

Sorry I actually just do not enjoy your presence at all and if you want me to smile so badly, maybe crack a joke.

  1. What were you wearing?

Clothes. Wanna know the color, too? I don’t remember wearing a shirt that said “please catcall and make comments about me,” if that’s what you’re asking. 

  1. Bruh, she’s such a feminist.

Okay and? Sorry I want equal rights to you. If you were oppressed, you white male, maybe the roles would be reversed, but you’re not. You don’t have to fight for any rights, because they are all right there for you. And since when was “feminism” a derogatory term? 

  1. You are so sensitive.

And I’ll be sensitive again. Sorry that I take things to heart, that should literally be taken personally. Just saying “no offense” or “don’t take it to heart” doesn’t make it any less rude, Brad. My empathy is not my weakness, but my strength.

My list can go on and on. And I have only experienced 16 years of my life. I’d love to see how the list will grow with time. I’m a feminist and I’m proud. And if you’re not a feminist, get the hell out of my way. 

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