All for the Little Girl

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student

It was pulled back in time,
The ivy,
Anchoring the metal to the earth.
The little girl had loved this train.
Every day.
She rode.
Through the city.
Fogging her lungs.
Stealing her life.
But she still boarded the train.
In the hot summer.
Her white flannel dress,
Rippling in the faint breeze.
Her head out of the open window.
Her smile like a thousand suns.
And though she was happy,
She was crying.
Because she knew her time was up.
The cold stone corroded with 
Invasive life.
Hanging from the metal cover
That shielded the little girl
That hid the little girl
That took the bullets for that little girl.
The puddles of ice cold water.
That took the steps of thousands
Of angry, furious men 

With guns
And words
All for the little girl.
The faded sunlight.
Dusty, old.
That brought the tears 
The smiles 
The laughs 
The sobs
Brought it all for the little girl.
The worn leather seats.
Soaked through from
And snow.
And hail.
And rainbows.
All for the little girl.
The shards of sharp, cutting glass.
That shielded the sun for the little girl.
That took the shouts for the little girl.
That took the grenades for the little girl. 
The bones of the conductor.
Scattered on the gravel of the tracks.
The conductor that always smiled at her.
Always hugged her.
Always loved her.
The conductor that died for 
The little girl.
The sounds of cars and voices.
People who have their own lives.
They are lucky.
But the little girl wasn’t.

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