Not Yours

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student

Dragging me down,
Strapping my heart in lead bonds.
Laughter filters through nothingness.
Is there ever really hope 
If there’s no one there to feel it?
Blinds pulled shut.
Lights off.
So cold.
So alone.
Who cares what they’re doing.
Laughing without me.
Let them try to comfort me.
But they won’t.
‘Cause they don’t know me.
They see someone.
But not me.
Me is sobbing on the floor.
Uncontrollable tears of regret.
I will push them away.
To save them.
I push them away.
Say that I’m fine.
Tears are normal.
But they still come back.
They pull me off the ground.
They force me to meet their
But those eyes aren’t yours.
Not yours.
My hand slips from theirs.
Not yours.
I hit the ground.
Not yours.
I close my eyes.
Not yours. 

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