Dear stranger I used to know,

By Ava Skidgel, TIWP Student

Sometimes I wonder how we drifted apart
Two boats drifting away from one another
But at some point we stopped seeing each other clearly
We weren’t able to see the soul crushing rift
Because we couldn’t recognize one another

Our souls used to thrive within each other’s presence
We could sit for hours on end without an awkward minute passing
Often I consider the friendship I lost, and I get mad at myself for rehashing,
Rehashing what we lost, and what I miss the most

Because you were like a habit
I didn’t have to put in draining pressure into our conversations
Or feel the need to express my gratitude for you, because you already knew
I wish I could stay up all night, talking with you, like we used to

Now there’s a still ocean between us
The water’s thick and icy, so no one knows how to approach it
I wish I could pretend that we’re still next to each other,
Plushy cushions under our damp heads

Someday I hope I’ll know you again
I will no longer know the sorrow of missing you
My heart will repair, no longer in shreds
But we can’t find a way through the still ocean separating us

I am afraid to say that it is hard to give away my trust to others
When truly it’s still stuck within you
I wonder if you think the same way, or if you even think about us at all
I feel comfort knowing our eyes look at the same sky
But my heart shudders in discomfort, knowing we see in different shades of blue

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