Dear France

By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student

Dear France,
I’m curious as to why you have the stance
on the amendment you try to advance
to enhance your nation.
What’s the motivation?
Because right now I can only think of one.
Only one reason why you would say, at 15, someone can fanoodle with your son,
but if someone wears a hijab under 18,
the worst thing in history has begun.
That people can wear a necklace with a cross
but hijabs can be “sent to the boss”
while everyone else says “their loss. They are too extreme.”
Though it seems to me the only extreme here is the evil scheme
you call a dream
to break people’s self-esteem.
Through this Islamaphobia
you will cause a dystopia.
By not welcoming the girls that are “others”
you also are other-ing their fathers and brothers.
I simply don’t understand,
why people who choose to wear a piece of clothing
now have a crime on their hands,
when all they want to do is share their religion proudly.
So yes, as an ally, I will speak loudly.
While you hide cowardly behind your hate,
let’s get this straight:
there is no debate
that you are in the wrong.
Against your ban, we will stand strong.

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