By Audrey Kosla, TIWP Student

Some things I cannot understand
Like how she said her favorite number was four
And I met her in April
On the fourth day
And thought to myself
How can this be
Because love at first sight was only in fairy tales
And yet there it was standing in front me
Gorgeous and sunshine mixed into one
Who smiled and cast the world aglow
And I approached her, thinking it would lead to forever
But all it led to was love that wasn’t for me
And yet I cannot stop, because if I told her
that she meant more than the sun and the moon,
She would not know what to say
Because I am not the stars in her eyes
only someone that keeps the loneliness at bay
I should have told her, before she left
For someone else’s hand to hold
Even if I never was hers
It was better than being alone
So now I sit in patience, praying for her to come back
I would wait a hundred hours, a millions years, or more
Just to see you again, my lucky number four

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