Midnight Atmosphere

By Olivia Tiffin, TIWP Student

The fire crackled.
The warmth, comforting you.
The rain soaked the outside world, drenching the tattered cabin roof. 
The trees loomed over the small forest house.
The sky was dark, flooded with shimmering lights above.
A mug of hot cocoa sat in your hands.
A blanket lay over you, as you cozily lazed into the soft couch near the fireplace.
Bookshelves and paintings lined the left wall.
Nearby was a desk littered with tattered books and papers scattered across it.
You doze off, as your dreams flood around you.
The room is silent as you cuddle into a soft pillow on the couch.
A small grey Tabby cat purrs on the windowsill.
The cat jumps down and makes its way to your chest.
Curling up under your blanket, next to you.
Your dreams swirl in your mind.
The subtle night drifts around you.

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