The Hatred of Loving You…a short story

By Ava Skidgel, TIWP Student

“Do you really hate me?” She looked at him dead in the eyes, disdain fueling the rage inside of her. He looked back back at her with a soul full of pity and a look of regret.

“Fredrick!?” she scorched, hoping he would give her the response she longed for. “God Fredrick do you really hate me?!” Of course she wasn’t really wondering if he hated her, because she knew that their mutual feeling was the opposite. He loved her.

She howled, eyes full of fear of his response. But Ana knew she didn’t need a response… because she could already see the answer in his teared-up eyes. “Oh god! Oh god!” her voice wavered low in the air, as her knees fell to the ground. Ana’s body wailed and muffled breaths escaped her hand-covered mouth.

Frederick stepped towards Ana, fists clenched. It took all of him to not pick her up and comfort her frail body. His teeth grit and his throat gulped. The air was thick. Why was the passion they shared not enough for him to stay. Why?

Ana’s eyes moved from the floor to his, and slowly he dropped his head down to meet hers. Her mouth wavered and a quiet “why” escaped her mouth.

His bold figure lowered so she could hear the sorrowful words that he bore. “Because in the end Ana, we… as in you and me were never really meant to be.” He knew it was not true. Her pale skin flared, and the tears under her doe eyes dried. He wished he hadn’t spoken.

“In the end you at least owe me the truth Fredrick!” Her deep sorrow turned into hatred like a flipped switch with his untruthful words.

He knew if he didn’t run then he would never leave… so he picked himself up and ran.

Ana’s heart swelled; the inevitable had happened. “This is the end of the era Frederick. You will never see me again!” Ana’s sobs echoed against the marble walls.

Although Fredrick heard her words, he knew they were incorrect. He knew he would see Ana again. They were opposites. One positive and one negative. Each dragging each other near no matter how hard it was to fight the attraction. Hate couldn’t drive him to repel one another… but love could. If only Ana knew why he had to leave. So as he ran farther and farther away from Ana, Love forced him to fight the attraction.

It was only the start of their era.

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