A Selection of Poems

By Kaia Miller, TIWP Student

I still get those stupid butterflies
All the poems are still about your eyes
I am throwing away my disguise
You’re my wallflower
Cherry pies
Flying kites
Blue bird cries
I am not where I want to be but thank god I am not where I used to be thanks to my wallflower
Golden hour
Red roses on the bower
Light spring showers
My wallflower

Monachopsis Versailles
Swallowing empty capsule
Hearth to the desolate castle
Can’t hide from the corners of my mind
Your picture in my wallet
Our fingers intertwined
Sedentary on our castle in the sky
alienated together barren Versailles

Sheets of rain
Quivering midnight pain
Blurry vision
Thoughts of collusion
Speeding towards the end
Plastic souls and empty heads
Shadowed woods
Veiled in hoods
Peering eyes
Skeleton dresses devising
Rushing toward demise
lurking Madeline

Curls lay across her lap
Her fingers crawl across her scars
Drawing a futuristic map
Breathy promises from afar
Traces down her neck
Sends shivers down her spine
Whispers of matching silver charms
and stained glass barns
Empty lofts
And dripping red canvas instead of on her arms

Magnetic locks tying me to you
Paliniou obsession
Magnetic lockets
Drawing me to my arbitrary
Matching faded pictures
My fragile effervescent

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