Welcome to Episode 10 of My Podcast:  Self-Transcendent Emotions

By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student

Inspired by the article A Rational Case for Following Your Emotions by By Amanda Mull for The Atlantic. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2019/06/emotions-arent-irrational/592486/

Self-transcendent emotions are thought of by many scholars to be what connects us all and what we need more of to help heal the world. They are empathy, gratitude, and awe. Here are some anonymous testimonies we have gotten from our followers.

I cried myself to sleep the night before.
Do you know the feeling, when you just don’t feel like yourself anymore?
So when I walked through the door half dressed, hair a mess,
I was hard to ignore.
Some snickered while others turned in fright.
“Great,” I thought, “Now they all know I had a bad night.”
I looked broken down
and though I tried to smile, I could only seem to frown.
I sat in an empty school analyzing the quickest way to get out of school.
Then they came up to me. I immediately went to here-comes-the-pity
but that’s not what was in their eyes.
They didn’t hide, no disguise.
They sat next to me and I was paralyzed.
I was ready for them to laugh or try to talk
but instead our eyes interlocked,
mine glossed, theirs full of emotion.
We sat there in silence, no motion.
Their empathy saved me,
and to say thank you is my plea.

I believe our hearts are born full and the world slowly takes and takes.
And yet I also believe it only takes one act to refill us.
The world takes and takes until we can see that people care for us.
When we have someone to thank, friends, family, or ourselves,
we no longer feel that her heart is losing more with age, collecting dust on shelves.
It feels like you want to hug them but also want to cry.
You fear they will leave but they are still there—so you let out a sigh.
You capture this feeling to store in your heart
because this is the start
of you being comfortable and thankful for what is around.
And now the beat of your heart is an amazing sound.

She was starring at the fireworks, the explosion bounced in her pupils. The colors danced in the sky. Though the smile on her face was much brighter than any of the patches of colored fire. I started to tear up, but in a good way. She only squeezed tighter saying, “What a life we life! What a great day.”

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