Please Don’t Hurt Me

By Elise Flagg, TIWP Student

Please Don’t Hurt Me.
I’m already falling.
I’m an easy faller. 
Maybe it’s because I’m not used to attention.
Maybe it’s because I tend to let everyone in.
But please don’t hurt me. 
I’m just a girl,
falling fast,
for someone who barely knows her. 
Then again, does anyone really know her?
Or do they just know her name?
I’ll let you in.
I’ll tell you everything.
I’ll give you my all, even if you give me nothing.
I’ll be kind.
Too kind.
I’ll let things slide to prevent arguments and
I’ll stop myself from doing something that would upset you.
I’d give you everything. 
My Heart.
My Soul.
That’s the worst part.
Because I know you or anyone would ever give me the same.
I’m always the one that gives and gives,
gives more than she can handle
but never gets anything in return.
But I’ll wait. 
I’ll wait for even an ounce of something. 
A glance.
A smile. 
I’ll wait for eternity.
So if you have no intentions,
please move my feet
so I can run along to the next one.

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