Grandma’s Wisdom

By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student

I know the pain. You pour everything you have into everyone and they just look the other way. You’re so kind and generous and they use you like a doormat to wipe poo off their shoe. Now you carry their wrongdoings. You are so closed off so they pick and prod at you, trying to make you feel something, but you’ve been taught it’s easier to keep a stone-like temper. They kick you around as if you were a pebble on the track. You take time to relax, do something you want, but you’re so far removed from yourself, how do you know what that is? You sit there questioning, your stone mold breaking, and they laugh. Loud, quiet, big, little, sad, angry, joyful, they will never be happy with you. But if you poured the energy you put into them, their likes, their emotions, and use it on you, maybe you could be.

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