The Land of Wanderlust

By Caroline Crossland, TIWP Student 

The little holes of deep chocolate sprinkle and indent the strawberry laffy taffy pink air.
Those holes each carry a whirlpool of endless thoughts and ideas
that swivel with their own colors and fairytales,
all connecting to the base of the universe.
I am in The Land of Wanderlust everyday. 

The light purple grape sparkles sprinkle the iridescent-toned sky,
every little element so pastel
so colorful,
so beautiful,
so luminescent, 
so wondrous.
I go in everyday through flight’s warm welcoming hands
supporting the base of my hips while I fly back and forth
in the zig zag’s unpredictable manner,
while my eyes see all of the warm chocolate holes 
The warm chocolate dots and patterns of wonder do not just stop at the base,
for they are made out of words, thoughts, ideas, imaginations
that extend across any boundary
because they live on forever, 
They grow on forever
The warm base of the land is a light white peach color,
the most sparkly part of this universe.
It is where I occasionally step my feet on for extra grounding and support
for any new ideas,
any new directions. 
But my light blue eyes don’t tend to notice what direction I am going in
on the warm magenta satin carpet traveling
with the vibrance and vigor of Aladdin escaping the Diamond in The Rough.
It goes fast, leaving certain sparkles behind. 
My emotions drop out like the little baby blue flower petals of an orchid
rejecting the swampy green moss at its base.
The air is always clear here, but it is also very, very crowded.
The Land of Wanderlust is magical yes,
but is an immensely busy place.

My eyes see numerous pastel colors of sparkles and thoughts per second
while the chocolate pools keep growing with words.
My carpet travels to one pool for an idea then travels to the next for another. 
The sparkles never stop flooding the black expressive core of my iris. 
The baby-peep yellow sparkle dances with the exuberance of happiness
that tastes like lemon meringue pie on a warm June day. 
It is adorned with positivity’s golden marshmallow cream bows,
always filled with ideas of optimism, joy, and confidence.
This light tells me everyday that I am going to be okay
and to always look at horizons with the golden medals of bravery and pride.
This sparkle is my smile.

The light lilac purple sparkle twirls with the tone of wonder, fear, reflection,
and imagination.
This light is my most prominent sparkle, the mother of all the pastels.
It tastes like honey lavender on the tip of my tongue
and fills my brain with the motive to escape the world and to constantly think,
to always think and never stop,
to always explore and go out of the box.
The boundary breaker.
This light is adorned with fresh grape-violet pearls in a lilac dress
with iridescent ribbons for bows.
This sparkle is my mind.

The strawberry custard pink light sprints with love, care, and passion.
This sparkle makes me feel the warm desire to indulge myself
in the velvet hues of romance.
My passionate light that makes me want to express my affection
and the meaning of relationships, love, and human connection.
This light is in a beautiful pink cherry velvet dress that is as soft as a baby,
but passionate like a grown woman.
This sparkle is my heart.

The light periwinkle blue light is my deepest light
and tastes like the fresh, wondrous, deep trenches of the sea.
It sways like a wave full of clear bubbles and deep turquoise water.
This element coats my thoughts with the slow soothing hue of sadness.
It makes me reflect on the bitter colors of my past and present. 
It embraces and accepts my struggles and tells me that it is okay to feel sorrow. 
The beautiful sparkle paints the beauty of sadness in my mind
and exposes me to the beauty of vulnerability which is a deep blue
with accents of iridescent. 
This light wears a light baby blue jumpsuit with dark sapphires as earrings and necklaces. 
This sparkle is my tears. 

And last but not least I have the sparkle that is a creamy forest green. 
This light tastes like matcha green tea with a sprinkle of dewy grass
on a cold spring morning. 
It makes me want to observe.
It makes me want to look at everything in detail.
It gives me the undeniable effect from the lilac purple sparkle, 
looking at everything with the possibility of anything,
to connect anything with everything.
To see in the lenses of my own authenticity
which is infinity.
This light is adorned with green emerald binoculars and a spy glass
to look at everything to the uttermost core.
It has light hues of green as its dress is decorated with the deep forest moss of exploration.
This sparkle is my eyes.

The five sparkles that paint The Land of Wanderlust.
The five sparkles that create the chocolate pools.
This land stretches to infinity and is always full of life, 
it never dies, 
for it has never been born,
but it has always existed since the beginnings of man.
It is an open world but it is personalized to a particular brain,
a particular soul that thinks in strong, bold, deep, colorful, complex, never-ending detail 
a voice that never knows when to stop and never will stop
with its constant urge to think and create the beautiful colors of thought.
And luckily that’s me,
because the Land of Wanderlust is 
my mind.

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