Not so Different

By Emma Stokes, TIWP Student

I stepped outside my tent
My skin started to sizzle like oil in a pan
I shaded my face with my hand looking around at the dry golden grass and up at the sky
As I peered up at my surroundings I saw many a tree
The trees were swaying along with the melody of the wind moving in sync to each other
Wait no
That tree was moving like walking
Maybe the heat was getting to me
But no as I looked up more I saw a spotted torso right in my face
As I looked up more I saw eyes as deep and dark as the ocean but they also look trustworthy 
If that was the ocean I would trust it to carry me through storms
As I watched the creature more it began to eat revealing a tongue as purple as grapes
The creature noticed my staring and turned to stare at me
There we were just creatures staring right at each other
At that moment I realized we weren’t really so different from each other
Now the sun was fully in the sky but I could barely tell I had been so caught up in the moment 
As I turned to go back to the tent I could swear it smiled at me a I walked away

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