To Change the World

TIWP Student

We live in a time of great injustice,
of death, of disease, of discrimination, of hate, of climate change, of inaction,
problems persisting for centuries.
It is our time to step up.
We rise
on the battlefield of doom.
There is a light
we see in our hearts.
But some have none.

If my news is wrong and your news is right
then what facts are true?
The lack of truth ails us – it is a testament to double speak,
to the power of lies 
and of hate.
They march on sacred ground
and break the windows and doors that protect.
The powerless feel empowered
by hate.
How can we move on 
if some are taught not to listen?
Is this the way things are meant to be?
We do not deserve the world we are inheriting. 
We deserve better.

We need to pull each other out of the cave
and reignite and teach empathy,
teach history
so that the cycle stops repeating or staying the same.
Teach love
so we can have peace

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