A Fairytale

By Kiera Roux, TIWP Student

I want to live in a world where we are taught to be okay with the unknown.
A world that recognizes that fulfillment comes from asking questions. And being okay with not always getting an answer.
A world where we see the Earth as a gift, not a right.
A world where you are rewarded for bringing others up with you, not standing on top of them. A world where we are taught to love ourselves before someone else.
A world where each individual has the foundation for the pursuit of happiness.
A world where it is okay to be, not become.
A world where we can appreciate what we have and not feel the need to strive for what others have.
A world where we own our mistakes and let them guide us.
A world where everyone stares at the sky once a day.
A world that embraces our differences as the seasoning of life.
A world where we can pursue interests without worrying about money.
And most importantly, a world that teaches its people to be critical thinkers.

Because in a world where the biggest question has always been and will always be “why are we here,” we can only embrace a few consistencies: our ability to be conscious, grow, and most strange of all, love another so powerfully we would give all of this up so another could keep it.

So no one truly knows why we are here, or what a fairytale world would be exactly. We just must remember that our mere existence is some strange miracle of the cosmos, and appreciate the gift of being conscious of this phenomenon.

If we can all be dreamers for each other, then we can walk the path towards a more perfect world. Life after all, is about the path, not the destination. The opposite of death is not life, its birth. Life…has no opposite. That is why it is such a strange gift we too often take for granted. If we recognize this, together, we can work to build the world we all dream of – which beneath the greed, competition, pain, anger, and stress – is the same.

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