By Sol Dente, TIWP Student

They come to me
With their primitive, backwards ways
Draped in cloaks of blue and pink
They do not understand what I am
They cannot be expected to
But they will ask anyways
In various shades of disbelief
Because their brains simply cannot comprehend
Anything outside of their crude worldview
I will try to explain
That I am more
More than what they say I must be
More than the boxes they try to put in me
More than the labels they cling so hard to
More than the rules they have made to stop me
Than they will ever understand

And when I am done
They will call me
An abomination,
A sin against their god,
Who once said to them,
To love thy neighbor
But apparently not
When their neighbor is something
They don’t understand
They will say that I am confused
But perhaps
It is they who are confused
Because they cannot seem to wrap
Their uncivilized brain
Around the idea
Of someone being different
They will call me a thousand different names

And in the end it will not matter
Because I am more
More than their silly taunts
More than their hurtled slurs
More than everything they can throw at me

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