Who Is She Really?

By Cami Lovell, TIWP Student

When I get in, I meet a stranger. I open up to someone new and end up acting like a more vulnerable version of myself. What is it about the safety of a car? The thrill of a stranger? The thought of them stealing you away? It makes me feel so calm and so safe.

Every time I ride in a cab I am someone different. Today I drove with Michael: “Hello, my name is Anne.” Every time I ride in a cab I leave from the City Center and get dropped off at my so-called home. Today’s home was 10 minutes away: “Can you please drop me off at my home, 212 Peach Street?” Michael and I chatted about our lives and our interests, or should I say Anne’s life and interests. She is a hardworking nurse with two sons and a loving husband. I thoroughly executed the role of Anne, spilling details concerning her past and present lives. Once I exited the car I walked towards Anne’s charming Victorian home, waiting until Michael was a few blocks down the road. This was when I proceeded to leave the home without being seen.

I then walked back to the city center where my real home, a small, ragged RV was parked. This was where I would prepare for the next day. My nights are spent searching Los Angeles through social media and online sources. I search for someone to become, someone who will be sharing their life with a stranger without even knowing it.

I was Anne today, but everyday I am someone different. Susan, Sarah, Karen, Jane. Those people are my life. I am them, yet they don’t even know it. At night I am no one, my real identity lost to the world full of so many others. I will go to sleep tonight as Anne and wake up as Martha. I will go to sleep as a nurse yet wake up as a lawyer. Who I really am is untold and lost. I am only who I portray myself to be.

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