Change – A Letter to the Ones Who Don’t Believe

By Emma Wong, TIWP Student

Why are you so scared of change?

Look at the world around you.
Heat is clenching its iron-hot fist around the globe,
desiccating beautiful fields of rich greens and browns
into feeble patches of stale beige.

Look at the nation around you.
The walls that were built on stolen land centuries ago
by racist white men
are now crumbling, shattering, splintering.
Systems meant to guard us
are only hurting the people they swore to protect.
Black and Brown people are violently oppressed for the color of their skin,
LGBTQ+ people are chased out of their own homes for being open about their identity.
Asian people are still seen as exotic or strange.
Religious minorities are discriminated against every day.

And now look at yourself.
Despite complaining constantly about the heat,
you insist that global warming is not a looming, man-made tsunami but a natural wave the world can cruise over.
Despite insisting that you care about marginalized communities,
you vilify Black Lives Matter protests and run from the idea of defunding the police in favor of community resources.
You support transphobic bills and elect the corrupt officials who create them.
You joke to your Asian friends about how they’re eating dog or bat for dinner, because it’s always one of the two.
You make casual antisemitic or Islamophobic comments and act confused when someone calls you out for them.

Why are you so scared of change?
You are the unoppressed,
the white man who refers to racism like it’s a relic of years past,
who puts masculinity on a pedestal.
You are the leader of the companies holding the power of burning oil,
who can afford to scoff at global warming while others suffer at the hands of your actions,
who makes sexist jokes and brushes off the stares from women, even your wife.
You have, by apparent default, the loudest voice in thousands of corporate meetings.

So why don’t you do something?

Why can’t you change?

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