Seconds Ticked By

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student

Seconds ticked by.

The smell of the coffee shop was warm and nice.

A milk frother gurgled and whined.

A teen girl with blonde hair and practically invisible eyebrows and several piercings shook a metal bottle vigorously.

A small, curly haired child in blue overalls made circles around his tired father, babbling about a cookie he wanted.

A women, tall with sleek black hair, checked her phone with a teacup dog peeking out of her oversized purse.

A young man with jeans and a red shirt, along with a black baseball cap with some obscure team, wiped counters and collected used napkins.

A small bell on the door chimed as a man walked in wearing sunglasses and headphones, lightly moving his head to the beat.

The granite of the table, colored the same shades as a quail, made my skin cold and a little uncomfortable from a light sting.

My mouth tasted of starchy bitterness from my coffee.

Taking another sip, I inhaled the strong coffee bean smell.

A bored, distracted girl behind the counter called “Cathy” in a loud yet still monotone voice.

A large, red-faced, red-haired women wearing a leopard print jumpsuit, what seemed like a pound of jewelry on her wrists and neck, and black-framed and tinted sunglasses, bustled up to the counter.

She began to argue with the girl, who couldn’t seem to care less.

She pointed to the end of the line, seemingly telling her to go there.

The woman doesn’t like this and raised her voice.

I notice the small boy from before, who is now carrying a cookie the size of his head.

The father suddenly seemed to realize what he’d done, how much sugar he was about to put in this already hyper child.

He took the cookie from the boy’s hands to save himself.

The boy stared up at his father, his lips trembling and ready for a full blown tantrum.

His tiny chest began to heave then he let out a sob.

The father sighed and gave to boy back his cookie.

The child bounced up and down before shooting out the door, his father on his heels.

I laughed at this sight.

I picked up the coffee.

I inhaled the coffee shop’s smell.

Seconds ticked by.

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