Being Human

TIWP Student Sometimes, I feel angry. Sometimes, I feel like I shouldn’t speak. Sometimes, I feel upset and emotional. Generally speaking, I communicate to my heart’s content – I participate, express myself, but only to a certain extent. Otherwise, I fear it comes across as overpowering. Like I’m “too assertive” or too this or too that.Continue reading “Being Human”

To Change the World

TIWP Student We live in a time of great injustice,of death, of disease, of discrimination, of hate, of climate change, of inaction,problems persisting for centuries.It is our time to step up.We riseon the battlefield of doom.There is a lightwe see in our hearts.HopeBut some have none. If my news is wrong and your news isContinue reading “To Change the World”

The Land of Wanderlust

By Caroline Crossland, TIWP Student  The little holes of deep chocolate sprinkle and indent the strawberry laffy taffy pink air.Those holes each carry a whirlpool of endless thoughts and ideasthat swivel with their own colors and fairytales,all connecting to the base of the universe.I am in The Land of Wanderlust everyday.  The light purple grapeContinue reading “The Land of Wanderlust”