The Impossible Rules of Being A Teenage Girl

By Taryn Pearce, TIWP Student You have to get good grades, have an amazing social life and also look untouchable. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Don’t show too much skin, cause then you’re a slut, but if you don’t show enough, you’re a prude. Don’t party because it’s unattractive, but if you don’t, thenContinue reading “The Impossible Rules of Being A Teenage Girl”

Words of the Universe

By Olivia Tiffin, TIWP Student Subtlety, it’s danced across my heart. Weighing every step, one thousand pounds. A tickle reached my chest as it swam through the rivers of my blood. Stars twinkled above my head, speaking the universe’s bidding. The air around me drops, twisting my lungs into a knot. The breeze felt likeContinue reading “Words of the Universe”

Dance Floor

By Hazel Smith, TIWP Student up and downrollercoastersstanding on a highwaydress billowing in the windthe mind of a scholartoo shy to speakthe old man twirls his wifelittle girls spinning on the dance floor petals thrownphoto boothhelps us to remember not to forgetpictures with propsyour face in a locketthe old man twirls his wifelittle girls spinningContinue reading “Dance Floor”


By Kayli Harley, TIWP Student I miss touch, the gentle caress of angelic skin, the clasping of giving hands, the embrace of tired limbs. I long for the communion of strangers, the brushed shoulders in crowded city streets, the occasional grazing of fingertips, the oblivious privilege of presence.  I yearn for innate connection, the alternative to words, the warmth of a hand on my back, theContinue reading “Touch”