The Fatal Social Climb of Females in the 21st Century

By Kiera Roux, TIWP Student Globalization of society has muted our souls, pushing us into a box with few tools to escape. How can we have faith in ourselves when we never had the opportunity to find that self? School, social media, and television all imagine other people and how we can strive to becomeContinue reading “The Fatal Social Climb of Females in the 21st Century”

Star Snatcher

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Black ink spilling,Tainting fingers,Diamonds glittering in the spill,Dark danger,Silent beauty,Gone. Cold breeze,Ripples your skin,Frozen grass,Crunches under your bare feet,The simple silk black dress,Tossed about in the night. Star snatcher,Night stealer,Come steal me a star,The heavens are mine,In your arms. Star snatcher,Dark thief,Hand me the moonlight,To breath. Star snatcher.Night stealer.Dark thief.MoonlightContinue reading “Star Snatcher”

Pretty Girl

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Pretty girl, Pretty girl,Stand by my side and smile.Pretty girl,Pretty girl,Let me walk the mile.Let me do the talking, the walking, the work,You just stand there and smirk. Pretty girl,Pretty girl,I’m all you’re worth.I am all you are, on this entire earth.Pretty girl,Pretty girl,Stand and watch me play.You can’t ever catch aContinue reading “Pretty Girl”