By Julia Lima, TIWP Student tell me, america,what does it mean to love one’s country?is it unconditional adorationthe kind that comes with defense against anythreatening word?is it the kind of devotion that is prideful,claiming loudly to embrace its core values–equality,freedom,justice–the kind that boasts loudly over the silenced voices of those who have never experienced true equality,who have never beenContinue reading “Patriotic”

Rules of Society

By Louisa Perry-Picciotto, TIWP Student The rules of societyWalking through a silenced crowd Masks hiding the unrecognized Smiles plastered on, fitted into perfection Thoughts nailed into the heads Paper words covering the bodies Beauty PerfectionHelpless Unopinionated Are pounded into the pavement  Tears in the clothsBinding the words That bind us Beauty I am beautiful in my eyes Perfection My perfections are my imperfections Helpless I am good on my own Unopinionated IContinue reading “Rules of Society”

A Feminist Utopia

By Eloise Anagnost, TIWP Student “Remember to imagine and craft the worlds you cannot live without, just as you dismantle the ones you cannot live within.” — Ruha Benjamin Thomas More wrote Utopia in 1516,an ode to an imagined worldwithout poverty,religious intolerance,and corrupt governments.And thus the word“utopia”was born.But this idealistic,seemingly perfect,worldbelongs to him.The utopian fantasies,utopianContinue reading “A Feminist Utopia”

Being Human

TIWP Student Sometimes, I feel angry. Sometimes, I feel like I shouldn’t speak. Sometimes, I feel upset and emotional. Generally speaking, I communicate to my heart’s content – I participate, express myself, but only to a certain extent. Otherwise, I fear it comes across as overpowering. Like I’m “too assertive” or too this or too that.Continue reading “Being Human”

To Change the World

TIWP Student We live in a time of great injustice,of death, of disease, of discrimination, of hate, of climate change, of inaction,problems persisting for centuries.It is our time to step up.We riseon the battlefield of doom.There is a lightwe see in our hearts.HopeBut some have none. If my news is wrong and your news isContinue reading “To Change the World”