The Reality of Womanhood

By Kayli Harley, TIWP Student From the moment their eyes open, within the first seconds of their existence, women are conditioned to believe that the world is something they need to earn. We are provided a set of guidelines for our behavior: be sweet, but have grit; be calm, but have passion; be polite, butContinue reading “The Reality of Womanhood”

How to Change the World

By Hettie Van Dyke, TIWP Student do not be afraid, my not be afraid to run,to leap,to not be afraid to love everyoneeverythingeven not be afraid to be everything you want to be,to drape yourself in velvet and pearlsand coat each person’s tongue with your dreams,your imagination melting in their mouth likeContinue reading “How to Change the World”

Here’s What I’m Telling You

By Taryn Pearce, TIWP StudentInspired by a line from Eve Ensler’s poem “Manifesta to Young Women and Girls” See the world at night.See the beauty of the lights in complete darkness.Listen to children, because their minds are so pure and the harshness of the world hasn’t gotten to them yet.Look at the stars.Watch the sun goContinue reading “Here’s What I’m Telling You”