The Land of Wanderlust

By Caroline Crossland, TIWP Student  The little holes of deep chocolate sprinkle and indent the strawberry laffy taffy pink air.Those holes each carry a whirlpool of endless thoughts and ideasthat swivel with their own colors and fairytales,all connecting to the base of the universe.I am in The Land of Wanderlust everyday.  The light purple grapeContinue reading “The Land of Wanderlust”

Please Don’t Hurt Me

By Elise Flagg, TIWP Student Please Don’t Hurt Me.I’m already falling. I’m an easy faller. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to attention.Maybe it’s because I tend to let everyone in.But please don’t hurt me. I’m just a girl,falling fast,for someone who barely knows her. Then again, does anyone really know her?Or do they just know her name?I’llContinue reading “Please Don’t Hurt Me”

True Colors

By Grace Kelly A tribute to Darnella Frazier:She bore witness to somethingso unbearable to see.She bore witness to somethingso painstakingly horrid. She bore witnessto watching a man’s life leave his eyes,to watching a heart go silent,a heart that had beat to the man’s own rhythmmoments before. She bore witness to the police officer,someone who wasContinue reading “True Colors”

Welcome to Episode 10 of My Podcast:  Self-Transcendent Emotions

By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student Inspired by the article A Rational Case for Following Your Emotions by By Amanda Mull for The Atlantic. Self-transcendent emotions are thought of by many scholars to be what connects us all and what we need more of to help heal the world. They are empathy, gratitude, and awe.Continue reading “Welcome to Episode 10 of My Podcast:  Self-Transcendent Emotions”