Lockdown In A Home That Isn't Home

By Aly Kirke, TIWP Student When I received the news that confirmed the rumors of school canceling I felt my chest tighten, my throat narrow, my breath slow. I went to a friend’s house each day, and on the days I couldn’t I just went for a walk and didn’t come back until late. WhenContinue reading “Lockdown In A Home That Isn't Home”

Dear Miramonte Class of 2020

Dear Miramonte Class of 2020, I am so proud of us. The world has thrown at us what it thought we could not handle– but we have prevailed. Together we have faced tremendous change, disillusionment, and destruction, and have come out as resilient, courageous, and powerful leaders. Each and every one of us a partContinue reading “Dear Miramonte Class of 2020”