The End Justifies the Means

By Sol Dente, TIWP Student “You bastard.” Crimson drops stained the floor around the boy’s shaking shoulders, blood dripping past his lips as he struggled to keep his fragile hold on consciousness. His chocolate brown hair was messy from the fight and normally bright green eyes were clouded with pain. Next to the boy’s kneelingContinue reading “The End Justifies the Means”


By Sarah Hawkins, TIWP Student You noticed me eating less.“Skinnier”You noticed my sleep become non-existent.“Disappointing”You noticed my grades slipping.“Lazy”You noticed my emotions become erratic.“Disrespectful”You noticed me lock myself away.“Rude”You noticed my appearance change.“Gross” You didn’t notice my tear-stained cheeks. You didn’t notice my long sleeves in hot weather. You didn’t notice my meals consisting of ice,Continue reading “Noticed”