By Sarah Hawkins, TIWP Student You noticed me eating less.“Skinnier”You noticed my sleep become non-existent.“Disappointing”You noticed my grades slipping.“Lazy”You noticed my emotions become erratic.“Disrespectful”You noticed me lock myself away.“Rude”You noticed my appearance change.“Gross” You didn’t notice my tear-stained cheeks. You didn’t notice my long sleeves in hot weather. You didn’t notice my meals consisting of ice,Continue reading “Noticed”

Her Story

By Cami Lovell, TIWP StudentWhen a woman tells her own story,She lives foreverKeeping hidden, quiet,Those are invisible cursesShe is just lost, within herselfEating away at her stories, experiences, personalityUntil there is nothing left but a blank mindand a broken soulMemories that once kept her grounded,Scraped cleanA loss, too much to handleBut when the story isContinue reading “Her Story”