The Devil’s Hour

By Henry Hawkins, TIWP Student The Devil’s hour as it’s known,It tortures and torments all the alone.You can try your hardest to run or hide,But believe me by 3 minutes, you’d have died. There’s history behind this so called Devil’s hour,Those who attempted to survive it with massive manpower.These stories always seem like heroic tales.ButContinue reading “The Devil’s Hour”

Disappearing Silhouette

By Kaia Miller, TIWP Student Freckled face, hair in red lace.Bouncy curls, string of pearls.Eyes a glow, smiling in a scarlet dream.Hands clasped, sadness maskedArms raised, skirts swirlingShadows dancing without you for the first time. Water splashes oh how I adore herChipped wine glass red stained glassEyes a glow smiling in a lilac dreamBubbly laughsContinue reading “Disappearing Silhouette”

The Hatred of Loving You…a short story

By Ava Skidgel, TIWP Student “Do you really hate me?” She looked at him dead in the eyes, disdain fueling the rage inside of her. He looked back back at her with a soul full of pity and a look of regret. “Fredrick!?” she scorched, hoping he would give her the response she longed for.Continue reading “The Hatred of Loving You…a short story”