New Friend Syndrome

By Tallulah Armstrong-Temple, TIWP Student I know I fall too hardAnd forget too fastSwear I love you in the moment But the moment never lastsI wish I could hold on to someoneBut even though I try Friendships always seem to crash I call it new friend syndrome Doesn’t matter who you areOur fate isn’t written in the starsI’llContinue reading “New Friend Syndrome”

Change – A Letter to the Ones Who Don’t Believe

By Emma Wong, TIWP Student Why are you so scared of change? Look at the world around you.Heat is clenching its iron-hot fist around the globe,desiccating beautiful fields of rich greens and brownsinto feeble patches of stale beige. Look at the nation around you.The walls that were built on stolen land centuries agoby racist whiteContinue reading “Change – A Letter to the Ones Who Don’t Believe”

Coin Toss

By Louisa Perry-Picciotto, TIWP Student Two sides of the same coin Heads or tails Heads hidden when tails is called Tails retreats when heads is beckoned Tossed into the air Flipping for the eyes in the crowdsSurrounded by the whispers Left by the shadows Of the words to come Flipping for the yells of the pastThe distant person Once called to life Lost in theContinue reading “Coin Toss”


By Sarah Hawkins, TIWP Student You noticed me eating less.“Skinnier”You noticed my sleep become non-existent.“Disappointing”You noticed my grades slipping.“Lazy”You noticed my emotions become erratic.“Disrespectful”You noticed me lock myself away.“Rude”You noticed my appearance change.“Gross” You didn’t notice my tear-stained cheeks. You didn’t notice my long sleeves in hot weather. You didn’t notice my meals consisting of ice,Continue reading “Noticed”


By Julia Lima, TIWP Student tell me, america,what does it mean to love one’s country?is it unconditional adorationthe kind that comes with defense against anythreatening word?is it the kind of devotion that is prideful,claiming loudly to embrace its core values–equality,freedom,justice–the kind that boasts loudly over the silenced voices of those who have never experienced true equality,who have never beenContinue reading “Patriotic”

Rules of Society

By Louisa Perry-Picciotto, TIWP Student The rules of societyWalking through a silenced crowd Masks hiding the unrecognized Smiles plastered on, fitted into perfection Thoughts nailed into the heads Paper words covering the bodies Beauty PerfectionHelpless Unopinionated Are pounded into the pavement  Tears in the clothsBinding the words That bind us Beauty I am beautiful in my eyes Perfection My perfections are my imperfections Helpless I am good on my own Unopinionated IContinue reading “Rules of Society”