Welcome to Episode 10 of My Podcast:  Self-Transcendent Emotions

By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student Inspired by the article A Rational Case for Following Your Emotions by By Amanda Mull for The Atlantic. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2019/06/emotions-arent-irrational/592486/ Self-transcendent emotions are thought of by many scholars to be what connects us all and what we need more of to help heal the world. They are empathy, gratitude, and awe.Continue reading “Welcome to Episode 10 of My Podcast:  Self-Transcendent Emotions”

Disappearing Silhouette

By Kaia Miller, TIWP Student Freckled face, hair in red lace.Bouncy curls, string of pearls.Eyes a glow, smiling in a scarlet dream.Hands clasped, sadness maskedArms raised, skirts swirlingShadows dancing without you for the first time. Water splashes oh how I adore herChipped wine glass red stained glassEyes a glow smiling in a lilac dreamBubbly laughsContinue reading “Disappearing Silhouette”

Dear stranger I used to know,

By Ava Skidgel, TIWP Student Sometimes I wonder how we drifted apartTwo boats drifting away from one anotherBut at some point we stopped seeing each other clearlyWe weren’t able to see the soul crushing riftBecause we couldn’t recognize one another Our souls used to thrive within each other’s presenceWe could sit for hours on endContinue reading “Dear stranger I used to know,”