Who Is A Woman If Not In A Dress?

By Elena Tamagno, TIWP Student I’m not a girl. There’s no way I can be a girl, right? I don’t like skirts, or dresses, or those pink-colored bedsheets. I cut off all my hair and half the people I ran into thought I was a boy or just refused to use gendered terms near me.Continue reading “Who Is A Woman If Not In A Dress?”

Yes, I’m Female and Autistic

By Maya Petzoldt, TIWP Student People often ask me what it’s like in my head, and I never tell them the truth, because in all honesty, who would listen? I give people minimum-word answers, answers they expect, like “Weird,” “Crazy-land,” and “Unexplainable.” These satisfy people, because they don’t really want to know, or they wouldContinue reading “Yes, I’m Female and Autistic”

My Manifesto

By Daniel Litwin, TIWP Student What is a manifesto? Throughout history people have taken a stand for what they believe―physically in the form of revolution or protest, or in writing, as in a manifesto ― for good or for ill. Notable historical manifestos include The Declaration of Independence (1776), the Declaration of the Rights of theContinue reading “My Manifesto”