Seconds Ticked By

By Viviana Sanchez, TIWP Student Seconds ticked by. The smell of the coffee shop was warm and nice. A milk frother gurgled and whined. A teen girl with blonde hair and practically invisible eyebrows and several piercings shook a metal bottle vigorously. A small, curly haired child in blue overalls made circles around his tiredContinue reading “Seconds Ticked By”

The Garden

By Zoe Moga, TIWP Student She had always loved the smell of soil. As a little girl, her father would take her to the nursery for hours as he planned out his garden and bought plants. There she would take in the aroma of dirt. It’s deep, earthy scent full of floral and sweet andContinue reading “The Garden”


By Sol Dente, TIWP Student “Father please!” the young maiden cried, dropping to her knees in the sand and reaching out to grab her father’s hand. “Cassandra, we’ve talked about this!” King Priam snapped. “This horse is a gift from the Greeks, nothing more. This paranoid talk has gone on for far too long,” “YouContinue reading “Cassandra”


By Evy Anders, TIWP Student Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? If you look it up it will tell you that the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.Continue reading “Butterfly”


By Evy Anders, TIWP Student Zoe was bright. Zoe was kind. Zoe had cute short hair. Jayden loved Zoe. Jayden was an odd, quiet boy which complemented Zoe’s loud and cheery outlook on life, and ever since last month when Jayden bumped into her in their local woods, they were inseparable. In the quiet townContinue reading “Undiscovered”


By Elise Flagg, TIWP Student The water surrounded her, silencing her once prominent voice. She tries to swim up but what looks like the surface continues to move farther and farther away. Just one breathe of air. One short breath is all she needs. No one is helping. No one will help her. The darknessContinue reading “Drowning”


By Patrick Dunne, TIWP StudentI turn the rusting knob to the left. opening the gate to a new world. Dust rests on countertops and lightbulbs ring. I almost gag at the sight of the kitchen. Cold pizza, bread crumbs, and crackers, all things that should be thrown away, but aren’t. Why did I come? WhyContinue reading “Cake”

Eternal Woman

By Caroline Hesby, TIWP Student It had been so many years. A long string stretched out, pictures hanging with paper clips, snapshots of all the big events, the adventures, the memories. Recently he had gazed at them with glossy eyes, retracing the young faces in his mind. The sun set the grass ablaze on thatContinue reading “Eternal Woman”

Ben Frank

By Dylan Scott, TIWP student I’m Josh. There is nothing special about me, unless you think a kid who has mediocre grades, goes to an average school, and lives in an average house is special. In the small town we live in, nothing exciting ever happens. My day starts with waking up, making myself someContinue reading “Ben Frank”


By Will Leibowitz, TIWP student Five years ago today my dad died in an experiment, but today I will get revenge. He was doing an experiment with a scientist named Ven. He knew something that my dad didn’t, something that would kill my dad, but not him. So today I will kill him. I walkContinue reading “Dead”

Cinderella, JD

By Kiera Roux, TIWP Student Cinderella climbed up the dusty ladder to her attic bedroom, tumbling onto her bed and kicking her shoes off with exhaustion. Pain throbbed up her back and neck from slouching over the floors to polish them. Her stepmother and sisters had gone to bed, so she could finally splay outContinue reading “Cinderella, JD”

The Monster

By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student Once upon a time there was a girl with a smile on her face and a monster in her heart. The monster slowly ate away at her as she waved to the struggling people in her kingdom with her perfect pink nails. She could not hear their cries for help.Continue reading “The Monster”

Better Places

By Maya Petzoldt, TIWP student REACTOR COMPROMISED. HULL COMPROMISED. TOP DECK COMPROMISED. SECOND DECK-“YEAH! I get it! The ship’s compromised! I didn’t need a stupid watch’s alarm system to tell me that!” I quickly go back to panting heavily as I sprint through the hallways, listening in horror to the sloshing of water that IContinue reading “Better Places”

Looking for Luck

By Audrey Kosla, TIWP studentMargaret had had enough. She lived an unlucky life, plain and simple. The day she planned to swim in the lake, the sky disappointed her with rain. When she finally put on rainboots and grabbed an umbrella, suddenly the sun decided to make an appearance. Margaret tripped over roots that appearedContinue reading “Looking for Luck”

The Final Test

By Mollie Schofield, TIWP student “Today is your final test. You will be given one hour, nothing more, nothing less. It’s simple, if you pass you live, and if you dare fail,” she took a slight pause pressing her lips together, “then you will be sent to the shutter for execution.” She lifted a stackContinue reading “The Final Test”

Uber to Death

By Dylan Scott, TIWP Student Me, I am Hunter. I have lived in many different places for… my job. My job requires me to bring certain things to certain people across the country. On my phone, I was ordering an Uber. The dark New York streets filled with little glimmers of light and the chillingContinue reading “Uber to Death”

The Box

By Audrey Kosla, TIWP Student He couldn’t remember his name. He couldn’t remember anything. Not how long he had been trapped here, in this vast, empty white space. It could have been five minutes or four years, he had no clue. It seemed more likely to be the latter, though; it felt like he hadContinue reading “The Box”

In The Manor

By Emma Glanville, TIWP Student A quite cold and dark night dwelled upon the Kosla Manor, a very not-humble abode that sat atop a hill that was forever blackened by the everlasting shadow from the perpetual clouds above it. Below lied a supposedly haunted forest that many people have entered but not returned from. TheContinue reading “In The Manor”


By Erin Hambidge, TIWP Student History watched the universe long before mankind first walked the Earth. She watched galaxies unfurl, spreading starry arms across the sky. She watched the planets dance around the sun, and stars take their last breath before flickering out completely. As long as time continued to pass, she watched. She wasContinue reading “Herstory”


By Emma Glanville, TIWP Student As a slight wind ran through the forest, the autumn leaves broke from their branches and hit the ground, soon to be stepped on by a wandering huntsman. The crunches below his feet did not interfere with what he was doing, for he was a committed young man and aContinue reading “Hunted”

Apple Pie

By Audrey Kosla, TIWP Student Snow drifted lazily around in the cold outside Bill’s living room window. The first snow of the year, blanketing the world in a layer of white, not that he cared. Three years prior, Bill’s wife had passed away. Not by any sort of illness, as far as he knew of,Continue reading “Apple Pie”

Too Much Eggnog

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Santa had a party. He invited all of his friends. Mrs. Claus made some eggnog.  So much eggnog that Mrs. Mistletoe suddenly showed up as Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were walking home together. It was Kaia’s dream come true. So much eggnog that Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey decidedContinue reading “Too Much Eggnog”

Dino Love

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student I look at her in all of her scaly glory. Her dark black eyes shadowing the world. Her vicious sharp claws, that have claimed the lives of so many, glint in the dusty sunlight. With all of my heart, I wish for her. Then, as if my affection has touched her,Continue reading “Dino Love”

When They Could

By Zara Quiter, TIWP Student, Age 9 Preface I thought they could. When they could, they chose for themselves. But now they can’t. They couldn’t for a long time. But we can make it so they can. —————————————————————————————————– Working in the forest was good. I was normal. I was innocent. Nothing had it against me.Continue reading “When They Could”


By Audrey Tsai, TIWP Student My heart stopped. I see my friend, on the other side of an old-looking bridge. She got lost on a hike four days ago and was just recently found in the woods. My friend looks so small, as if she was an ant. Even though she’s so far away, IContinue reading “Lost”

New York Witch

By Zoe Moga, TIWP Student Simon and Garfunkel quietly played as the young woman pulled on her black tights under her intricately patterned skirt that hit the middle of her shins. Layering with socks and sweaters and scarves, she hurried quickly out of her apartment, only turning back at the small studio to silently flickContinue reading “New York Witch”

Half Magic

By Zoe Moga, TIWP Student Phoebe MacDougle had never lived a normal life. Seemingly always ahead of the other kids in her grade and an interest in the more, unique, areas of study, she could never hold onto a friend for more than a month or two. They all eventually went away after a playdateContinue reading “Half Magic”


By Evangeline Ford, TIWP Student “With her straw blonde hair, arms hard and lean,She’s the angel of small death and the codeine scene.”— Hozier Do you ever get so angry that you feel it in your lungs, above your lips, squeezing your temples, longing to be set free? All her anger is poured into the fireContinue reading “Untamable”


By Eloise Anagnost, TIWP Student I will not be dishonest with myself,because self-dishonestly is the worst form ofbetrayal,graver thandishonesty to another.It is simpleto focus on the idea ofnot lying to someone else.But when it comes toyourself,it is a challengequite difficult tosurmount.I will not be dishonest with myself,when I believe one thing,but convince myself of anothertoContinue reading “Self-Honesty”

Rainbow Rain

By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student My sister told me she thought that the world was once black and white like the old movies. And I asked her how she thought the world got its color again. She said it was because of the rainbow rain.  Red came first of course. She was hot and fieryContinue reading “Rainbow Rain”


By Audrey Lambert, TIWP Student When I was young, I felt like I could live through anything. A broken arm? No problem. Can’t swim? Doesn’t matter, I’ll dive in anyways. Lost a baseball in my neighbor’s yard? I’ll hop the fence; I’m fast enough their violent dogs won’t catch me. I enjoyed fear, the feelingContinue reading “Mallory”

Furtuna and Nike

By Maya Petzoldt, TIWP Student “I challenge you, daughter of Fortuna, to a battle to the death.”  I give her a tight lipped smile, my ever-growing ego peaking through. With a more meaningful smile and bit of a smirk, I say – “Sure thing, honey.”   I see her scowl at the nickname, and it brings yetContinue reading “Furtuna and Nike”


By Zoe Moga, TIWP Student It hadn’t rained in a while here. While the sky was dark and the air was cold, the city was refreshed. Like a drunk girl having her first cup of water in twelve hours, we were on our way to recovery. Fall had been unusually warm, with thick, humid airContinue reading “Rain”


By Ellie Hawkins, TIWP Student With sleep comes dreams. The pain of life slips away into an imaginary world of laughter and magic. The tears of death and sorrow—bottled up like lava waiting to burst—explode into a black hole of nothing. Outside is a world where life is unbearable. Beautiful nature disappears in clouds ofContinue reading “Apocalypse”

The Mask

By Reagan Kaelle, TIWP Student Everybody wears a mask. It hides your identity, face, and emotions. Masks are armor. In this society, they seem to protect us. But I don’t think that’s true. Masks prevent authenticity and genuine connection. I can stare into the faceless metal shield for as long as I want, but inContinue reading “The Mask”


By Alexia Tzortzis, TIWP Student There are things you knew you would miss when the end of the world came. Things like ready-made food. Electricity and Social Networking. Human interaction. You knew you would miss these things, but you underestimated just how much you would miss her. She was the girl you had been crushing onContinue reading “Rain”

The Writer

By Zoe Moga, TIWP Student For a long time I wondered where I would end up. I could be considered successful, with a job I was happy with and a seemingly simple and easy life. My routines were constant. Wake up, get ready, go to work, go home. My days were exhausting, the power hungry,Continue reading “The Writer”

Wash It Away

By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student Someone coughs behind me and I shudder, burying my face further into my jacket. I need to get out of here, I think, and my pace quickens. My black combat boots strike the unforgiving pavement as I move away from civilization. The atmosphere wraps itself around my throat like aContinue reading “Wash It Away”

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