New Friend Syndrome

By Tallulah Armstrong-Temple, TIWP Student I know I fall too hardAnd forget too fastSwear I love you in the moment But the moment never lastsI wish I could hold on to someoneBut even though I try Friendships always seem to crash I call it new friend syndrome Doesn’t matter who you areOur fate isn’t written in the starsI’llContinue reading “New Friend Syndrome”

Change – A Letter to the Ones Who Don’t Believe

By Emma Wong, TIWP Student Why are you so scared of change? Look at the world around you.Heat is clenching its iron-hot fist around the globe,desiccating beautiful fields of rich greens and brownsinto feeble patches of stale beige. Look at the nation around you.The walls that were built on stolen land centuries agoby racist whiteContinue reading “Change – A Letter to the Ones Who Don’t Believe”


By Emma Wong, TIWP Student They have tried to cast us,Cram us,Stuff usInto a mold we cannot fit, Into one where girls can’t raise their voices, One where girls must be polite and sunny and quietly accepting As society pokes and prods At the qualities they don’t like, One where girls are ridiculed for wantingContinue reading “Unapologetic”

Stories Untold

By Emma Wong, TIWP Student When you stop that elderly Asian woman on the streetWho is hobbling her way down the streets of Chinatown,Carrying bags of fresh groceriesAnd a mask tucked over her face,She already knows what you will say. She has heard it too many times before. You can claim you’ve done your research:ThatContinue reading “Stories Untold”

Coin Toss

By Louisa Perry-Picciotto, TIWP Student Two sides of the same coin Heads or tails Heads hidden when tails is called Tails retreats when heads is beckoned Tossed into the air Flipping for the eyes in the crowdsSurrounded by the whispers Left by the shadows Of the words to come Flipping for the yells of the pastThe distant person Once called to life Lost in theContinue reading “Coin Toss”


By Sol Dente, TIWP Student They come to meWith their primitive, backwards waysDraped in cloaks of blue and pinkThey do not understand what I amThey cannot be expected toBut they will ask anywaysIn various shades of disbeliefBecause their brains simply cannot comprehendAnything outside of their crude worldviewI will try to explainThat I am moreMore thanContinue reading “More”


By Sarah Hawkins, TIWP Student You noticed me eating less.“Skinnier”You noticed my sleep become non-existent.“Disappointing”You noticed my grades slipping.“Lazy”You noticed my emotions become erratic.“Disrespectful”You noticed me lock myself away.“Rude”You noticed my appearance change.“Gross” You didn’t notice my tear-stained cheeks. You didn’t notice my long sleeves in hot weather. You didn’t notice my meals consisting of ice,Continue reading “Noticed”


By Julia Lima, TIWP Student tell me, america,what does it mean to love one’s country?is it unconditional adorationthe kind that comes with defense against anythreatening word?is it the kind of devotion that is prideful,claiming loudly to embrace its core values–equality,freedom,justice–the kind that boasts loudly over the silenced voices of those who have never experienced true equality,who have never beenContinue reading “Patriotic”

Rules of Society

By Louisa Perry-Picciotto, TIWP Student The rules of societyWalking through a silenced crowd Masks hiding the unrecognized Smiles plastered on, fitted into perfection Thoughts nailed into the heads Paper words covering the bodies Beauty PerfectionHelpless Unopinionated Are pounded into the pavement  Tears in the clothsBinding the words That bind us Beauty I am beautiful in my eyes Perfection My perfections are my imperfections Helpless I am good on my own Unopinionated IContinue reading “Rules of Society”

A Love Poem

By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student I love the worldI love the birds that get me up each morning with their carefree songI love soft sheets on my skin and waking up just to fall right back asleepI love summer picnics when a warm breeze caresses my hairI love when babies laugh and the sound hangsContinue reading “A Love Poem”

A Feminist Utopia

By Eloise Anagnost, TIWP Student “Remember to imagine and craft the worlds you cannot live without, just as you dismantle the ones you cannot live within.” — Ruha Benjamin Thomas More wrote Utopia in 1516,an ode to an imagined worldwithout poverty,religious intolerance,and corrupt governments.And thus the word“utopia”was born.But this idealistic,seemingly perfect,worldbelongs to him.The utopian fantasies,utopianContinue reading “A Feminist Utopia”

Walking My Dog

TIWP Student On my walkstep by step I move,he a step ahead and sometimes behind.But I have to move fastand with great intent.The trees look down at me from aboveand I smile wide.I hear the birds sing,their songs of love, of cheer, of sadness.On a bright sunny dayI am sweating.I need to shower.My dog squatsContinue reading “Walking My Dog”

One Thing

By Hazel Smith, TIWP Student change one thingthe butterfly’s wingthe dominoes are falling am i still alivecan civilization still thrive if you take the queenout of her hive would i have been born?against changing the past i warnwith every rose of repercussion there’s a thorn

Did You?

By Sofia Chan, TIWP Student Strapped in with a bindI agreed to thisI signed the contract of our relationshipA fool I wasTo be tricked into believing you caredWith your compliments and your affection When behind was an ulterior motive A fool I wasYou used meFor affection and careTo gain compliments and attentionYou signed a contract tooWasContinue reading “Did You?”

Hard to Hope

By Grace Kosla, TIWP Student You feel as if the world hates youIt wants to make your life miserable too,You stare at the clock wishing it would go fasterThe only thing that’s on your mind is a huge disaster,You see no light at the end of the tunnelAnd everything becomes a struggle,Then finally something goesContinue reading “Hard to Hope”

My Words

By Sol Dente, TIWP Student My words are not what you want them to be. My words are not neat print. Or swooping cursive. My words are not perfect thesis statements. Written in golden ink. Adorned with jewels and gems. My words are not evidence. Not quotes anchored by heavy iron. Nor citations cupped inContinue reading “My Words”

Her Story

By Cami Lovell, TIWP StudentWhen a woman tells her own story,She lives foreverKeeping hidden, quiet,Those are invisible cursesShe is just lost, within herselfEating away at her stories, experiences, personalityUntil there is nothing left but a blank mindand a broken soulMemories that once kept her grounded,Scraped cleanA loss, too much to handleBut when the story isContinue reading “Her Story”

I Am From

By Ellie Hawkins, TIWP Student I am from the endless starsand the ethereal sunsets painted across the sky.  I am from thunderstorms,dancing in the rainand summer crickets that keep you up all night. I am from my grandma’s endless fudgeand the taste of fresh mango that emits a sweet fragrance. I am from soft lullabiesandContinue reading “I Am From”

The Moon

By Audrey Kosla, TIWP Student Every time I reach for the moonI come back empty handedEveryone else seems to succeedTheir hands covered in moondustWhile I sit and watch from the sidelinesMy own palms holding nothing but failed attempts and empty promisesI have wished on so many dandelions, so many shooting starsBut they are never answeredTheContinue reading “The Moon”


By Kayli Harley, TIWP Student I am from doctors, story tellers, and empathsThe quiet, the spirited, and the feeling. I am from travelers, homebodies, and the in betweenThe curious, the known, and the content.The creators and the created.  I am from people. A complex tree of talesand triumphs, of pitfalls and pains, of those who livedand lived good.  IContinue reading “Roots”

The Devil’s Hour

By Henry Hawkins, TIWP Student The Devil’s hour as it’s known,It tortures and torments all the alone.You can try your hardest to run or hide,But believe me by 3 minutes, you’d have died. There’s history behind this so called Devil’s hour,Those who attempted to survive it with massive manpower.These stories always seem like heroic tales.ButContinue reading “The Devil’s Hour”

True Colors

By Grace Kelly A tribute to Darnella Frazier:She bore witness to somethingso unbearable to see.She bore witness to somethingso painstakingly horrid. She bore witnessto watching a man’s life leave his eyes,to watching a heart go silent,a heart that had beat to the man’s own rhythmmoments before. She bore witness to the police officer,someone who wasContinue reading “True Colors”

Welcome to Episode 10 of My Podcast:  Self-Transcendent Emotions

By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student Inspired by the article A Rational Case for Following Your Emotions by By Amanda Mull for The Atlantic. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2019/06/emotions-arent-irrational/592486/ Self-transcendent emotions are thought of by many scholars to be what connects us all and what we need more of to help heal the world. They are empathy, gratitude, and awe.Continue reading “Welcome to Episode 10 of My Podcast:  Self-Transcendent Emotions”

Rainbow Weather

By Hazel Smith, TIWP Student diamond skiessharp tonguelittle white lies sunkissed shouldervine-covered fenceeye of the beholder cloudy visioneverything’s not finerainbow fission of the mind


By Audrey Kosla, TIWP Student Some things I cannot understandLike how she said her favorite number was fourAnd I met her in AprilOn the fourth dayAnd thought to myselfHow can this beBecause love at first sight was only in fairy talesAnd yet there it was standing in front meGorgeous and sunshine mixed into oneWho smiledContinue reading “Four”

The Wise Woman

By Ellie Hawkins, TIWP Student “She walks in beauty, like the nightof cloudless climes and starry skies.” —Byron She walks in beauty like the nightof cloudless climes and starry skies,her glowing hair, a shining light,she can convince you with just her fearless eyes.Born with the strength of a thousand mothers and the fire of aContinue reading “The Wise Woman”

Dear France

By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student Dear France,I’m curious as to why you have the stance on the amendment you try to advance to enhance your nation. What’s the motivation? Because right now I can only think of one. Only one reason why you would say, at 15, someone can fanoodle with your son, but ifContinue reading “Dear France”


By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Help me dance.My heart lost its rhythm.Yours gained it all.In your arms.Safe.For me.Dangerous.For the world.Lights pirouette though my vision.My thoughts spin to oblivion.I curtsy to your love. 

Blankie I Be!

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Warm that’s me.Me that be.Heehee.Teehee.I be warm. You love me.Dark dark fold up.Heehee.Chump.I be warm cozy Funny NiceSleepy Pretty Haha.Prettier thank you.Teehee.Poopoo.So warm.Warm warm warm warm warm warm warm.Ahhhhhhh.Warm.Cold. Cozy. Me. Be. Warm.Fold up.Load up.Ahhh.Heehee. I be.Me.A.Blankie!Warm.Fold.Heehee.Teehee.I be. Blankie!Dark alone you gone so sad.So bad.Not warm.Just cold.Without.Your hold.I be blankie.Sniff.Blankie I be.  Back you be! Happy is me.BlankieContinue reading “Blankie I Be!”

All for the Little Girl

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student It was pulled back in time,The ivy,Anchoring the metal to the earth.The little girl had loved this train.Every day.She rode.Through the city.Pollution.Fogging her lungs.Smoke.Stealing her life.But she still boarded the train.In the hot summer.Her white flannel dress,Rippling in the faint breeze.Her head out of the open window.Her smile like aContinue reading “All for the Little Girl”

Not Yours

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Dragging me down,Strapping my heart in lead bonds.Laughter filters through nothingness.Is there ever really hope If there’s no one there to feel it?Blinds pulled shut.Lights off.So cold.So alone.Who cares what they’re doing.Laughing without me.Let them try to comfort me.But they won’t.‘Cause they don’t know me.Mirages.Facades.Fakes.Wrong.They see someone.But not me.Me is sobbingContinue reading “Not Yours”


By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Pretty little buttons,All lined up in a row,I guess for the rest of them,It’s all just a show,The actors are plaguedWith the curse of enslaved. But the stage of worn wood, May not be enslaving,And to speak the words to the world,That just may be lifesaving. The soft of your cotton coat,It rubsContinue reading “In”


By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Her pen slows to a stop above her inky, smudged paper.She runs her trembling hands through her tangled, knotted hair.The wood from the pen rubs against her hands.The paper is so light.The wind, so near, so lifting.The paper drifts to the dusty floor,Finally settling on the wooden floorboards beneath herContinue reading “She”

I’m Fine

By Kimya Karachi, TIWP Student When people ask me how I’m doing, I don’t know what to say.I feel like my body has frozen and time has yet to go on.It feels as if my mouth has been sewed closed and no words can come out.My body feels as if I’ve had a chemical imbalanceContinue reading “I’m Fine”

From the Top of a Tree

By Audrey Kosla, TIWP studentWhen you’re young, you climb trees that reach the heavensYour vantage point a bird, soaring through the windsBarefoot flying across rocks, catching frogs in pitch blackThe stars a guide and the campfire a compassLeading back to sticky marshmallows and chocolate-covered facesVillains of the day are sunscreen and shoesThe empowerment of stayingContinue reading “From the Top of a Tree”


By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student What makes a life deserving to be lived?An A average?Valedictorian?Dream job?X amount of volunteer hours?Low screen time?Low carbon footprint?X amount of protest?Going through a tragedy?What makes a life deserving of being lived?It is as if we are all in a video game.Up jump left down right.We are all looking forContinue reading “Deserving”


By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student I once held the key to your heart.It could give warmth on a snowy day,When the snowflakes fell.When the fire crackled and radiated comfort. I once held that key.I once held it in my cold, pale hand.Frozen.Because there was no fire.No warmth.No you.But I had learned your game.Your secrets.Your ways. IContinue reading “Gone”

Star Snatcher

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Black ink spilling,Tainting fingers,Diamonds glittering in the spill,Dark danger,Silent beauty,Gone. Cold breeze,Ripples your skin,Frozen grass,Crunches under your bare feet,The simple silk black dress,Tossed about in the night. Star snatcher,Night stealer,Come steal me a star,The heavens are mine,In your arms. Star snatcher,Dark thief,Hand me the moonlight,To breath. Star snatcher.Night stealer.Dark thief.MoonlightContinue reading “Star Snatcher”

Pretty Girl

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Pretty girl, Pretty girl,Stand by my side and smile.Pretty girl,Pretty girl,Let me walk the mile.Let me do the talking, the walking, the work,You just stand there and smirk. Pretty girl,Pretty girl,I’m all you’re worth.I am all you are, on this entire earth.Pretty girl,Pretty girl,Stand and watch me play.You can’t ever catch aContinue reading “Pretty Girl”


By Mira Haldar, TIWP Student What is love?Does it come from the heart?Does it form a connection? Even when you’re apart?Is it warm like sunshine? Or cool like rain?Does it feel like a bond? Or profound pain? Love.An eternal abyss of sublime virtue,a physical and mental state; no one can hurt you.A feeling so ardent,Continue reading “Love”

Ode for Thee, Seventeen

By Lucy Fox, TIWP Student Some people,for some odd reason,like numbers such astwo.Repulsive.I would rather haveseventeen.This may seemstrangefor seventeento be pickedas bestbut it is unlikelyto be guessed.Therefore,it is scientificallythe best.Odd?Yes.But  prime,not needing to sharewith siblingslike five, ten,and fifteen.Its edgesare sharpand harsh,not softlike sixor eight.No sir.Seventeen is no pushover.One numberpeople seem to likeis five.I think that theyjustwant an easy numberto multiply.In the wastelandof maththere was aContinue reading “Ode for Thee, Seventeen”


By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student We have all been censored.Been told to hush,or have a trigger warning slapped on us.We’ve all been told to be quiet when they were the ones who asked.So I let my words grow old, never to be unmasked.Words are made to hurt, heal, teach.But when you are so often toldContinue reading “Hush”

Two Voice Poem

By Elle Gordon, TIWP StudentVoice A (A), Voice B (B), Together (C) A: TiredB: TiredA: TiredC: NOA: I have this worksheet.B: The deadline was so long ago. A: RestB: RestA: RestC: NOA: Work hard.B: Do this if there is no place to go. B: TryA: TryB: TryC: NOA: There is no stability in try.B: Don’tContinue reading “Two Voice Poem”

First Kiss

By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student I’ve never been kissed.Well, one that counts.You hear of your first kiss, at 13, with your Romeo and Juliet, or however else you identify.But what if you were four,you didn’t want to be an outcast so you did it though you weren’t sure?You thought nothing of it but a decadeContinue reading “First Kiss”

The Harshness

By Taryn Pearce, TIWP Student She had a dreamer’s heart and a sparkle in her eyes that no one could forget. Her soul was sweet and the chaos made her beautiful. But then the harshness of the world got to her. Drenching her in its sick rain, filled with hatred. It extinguished the flame thatContinue reading “The Harshness”


By Kea Yoshinaka, TIWP Student Come over and hold meI’m lonely but I hate you— I hate myself more.I’ll shove you.Please don’t shove back.Sensitivity has never been too fond of me. I stare at the ceiling.I’m anxious and chaoticbordering on neurotic and holding on to whatever I’ve got left.I guess I suck the fun out of life.I’ve threadedContinue reading “Paradox”

Scheduled Programming

By Hazel Smith, TIWP Student you dance in the harsh lightspotlightunclean machiavellian soulsdecay that only spreadscoating daylightin ash now darkness fallscuffs that once held heroes,confining the wrists of horrors the ones that line my history bookthe tragic atrocities that trickle into fill the previously blank pages programming blares on,switched off, by me

Dance Floor

By Hazel Smith, TIWP Student up and downrollercoastersstanding on a highwaydress billowing in the windthe mind of a scholartoo shy to speakthe old man twirls his wifelittle girls spinning on the dance floor petals thrownphoto boothhelps us to remember not to forgetpictures with propsyour face in a locketthe old man twirls his wifelittle girls spinningContinue reading “Dance Floor”

Sweet Talk

By Caroline Crossland, TIWP Student Dear Sweet Talk, Let me rewind your brain just a little, from the white tops of my lavender fingertips and tell you a little story about the golden trophy who stands tall and wide with its cape and crown. And I’m going to make it even more dazzling for you,Continue reading “Sweet Talk”


By Kayli Harley, TIWP Student I miss touch, the gentle caress of angelic skin, the clasping of giving hands, the embrace of tired limbs. I long for the communion of strangers, the brushed shoulders in crowded city streets, the occasional grazing of fingertips, the oblivious privilege of presence.  I yearn for innate connection, the alternative to words, the warmth of a hand on my back, theContinue reading “Touch”

They’re Bananas

By Mina Talebi, TIWP Student Bananas. Yellow bananas. Now they’re rotten.Now they’re gone. Now there’s more in the fruit bowl. But no one eats them. They’re bananas. They’re yellow bananas. They’re rotten bananas. Now they’ve gone bananas. Suddenly,there’s more. But she’s the only one who eats them. They’re bananas.You walk into our house. There is a rotten smell. It’s rotten bananas.Yellow bananas. Rotten bananas.Gone bananas. Yet she still buys more. MoreContinue reading “They’re Bananas”

With A Pumpkin

By Lucy Fox, TIWP Student And the pumpkin shrank, as a pumpkin is not a carriage, just as I am not you,and you are not me.And why did the pumpkin shrink?Because as the bells chimed midnight,she could not face him, with a pumpkin,and two lizards,four mice,a goose,and a torn pink dress,She could not face her prince.No,she could not. SheContinue reading “With A Pumpkin”


By K.W., TIWP Student, Age 9 Fire is a burning sensationthat keeps you warm.Fire can give you a warm toasty feeling.Fire feels like warmth holding you tight.Fire looks like flames rising from the ground.

Magic Is…

By K.W., TIWP Student, Age 9 Magic is…a magical force,pushing you to do whatever you want,pushing you to move towards your goal,telling you to do what’s right.Magic is…Magical.

Everything Is Important

By K.W., TIWP Student, Age 9 Everything is important.Some things can be remade, like the clothing you tore.Other things can’t, like knitting.One thing that will live on will be your memories of the things you’ve lost.

I Believe

By Samah Hamid, TIWP Student I believe in myself.I believe in happiness.I believe there’s good in everyone.I believe we can change for the better.I believe in love.I believe in peace.I believe in equality.I believe in justice.I believe in hope.I believe in striving for knowledge.I believe in fun.I believe in learning.I believe in beauty.I believe inContinue reading “I Believe”

Here’s What I’m Telling You

By Samah Hamid, TIWP Student Inspired by a line from Eve Ensler’s poem “Manifesta to Young Women and Girls” Voice your thoughts.Love yourself.Travel the world.Surround yourself with the people you love.Be kind but firm.It’s okay to feel.Follow your dreams.Realize how strong you are.Be confident.It’s okay to be a little ‘feminine,’ whatever that means.You don’t needContinue reading “Here’s What I’m Telling You”

Impossible Emotions

By Kea Yoshinaka, TIWP Student Sometimes, I don’t know how to find the word for how I’m feeling, so I describe it. This is me describing my impossible emotions. Being left in an abandoned parking lot during a storm. Jolting awake from a dream.Laughing until you can’t breathe.Falling on your face in front of a crowd. Waves inContinue reading “Impossible Emotions”

A Fall Full of Color

By Kaia Miller, TIWP Student Free, orange, red, green and blueFree, no needs to know whoFree, only person there is youUntil you hit the ground.Every little ounce of bad wounds up and stabs you in the back,Every little crying night emerges back out and strikes,Every scar reopening,Blood rushing through the open gates,Flooding the idea ofContinue reading “A Fall Full of Color”

Rainbow Stranger

By Kaia Miller, TIWP Student I want to get into my carand drive until I find what I’m looking for,but not without my rainbow stranger,fleeing from the cold grasp of empty time,curls flying in the wind,his accent playing through the stereo,me and my rainbow stranger escaping time.

Let Us Be Alone

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student let us be alone together,for it is the closest we can getto familiarity in this unfamiliar tunnelwe are traveling through. let us be alone enough enough to remember the secret joys and comfortsof eavesdropping on silly conversations and mapping out the life stories of strangers passing byand other silly things that make us human.Continue reading “Let Us Be Alone”

Exponential Thinking

By Kea Yoshinaka, TIWP Student It happens almost every time I’m alone. My brain begins to churn, and thoughts go from milk to butter. I call this exponential thinking. Similar to metacognition, I often find myself thinking about thinking about thinking.   What are we, really? What’s the purpose in this seemingly repetitive and mundaneContinue reading “Exponential Thinking”

Life Force

By Erin Hambidge, TIWP Student I was water.I was air.I was Earth.But they burned me. They burned my green forests and lush meadows. They tossed darkness into my seas, suffocating the lives of the children. They choked the air from my very lungs until I could not breathe. I sunk low into my very coreContinue reading “Life Force”

A Repairing of Wings

By Kayli Harley, TIWP Student Your wings were shattered when our paths crossed.  You had lost all hope, but your soul was entrancing.  You had life beneath your skin, there was light inside you.  But, you were unable to see it.  You set a date to die.  You tried to rip your wings off your body and poison the golden fire that surged beneathContinue reading “A Repairing of Wings”

Kiss Me If You Dare

By Zara Quiter, TIWP Student, Age 9 Kiss me if you want,kiss me if you dare,but I’m not a princess in a tower.I’m ready to fight,not cheering the prince on.I’ll fight,I’ll punch,I’m strong,and I know how to pick a fight.I wouldn’t wait desperately in a tower,waiting for my one “true love.”I’d be out there,fighting theContinue reading “Kiss Me If You Dare”


By Amelia Chen, TIWP Student So I will carry on, carry forth, carry out my cause, create the next clause in this chapter of my life. Through strife, I suit up and face my demons. Through the seasons I find reasons to make music and use it to dance with the chance that others willContinue reading “Shefesto”


By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student Walking away is a hard thing to do.You realize that nothing is permanent.In the present, we work hard to make our conditions ideal,make sacrifices, change ourselves, gain friends, lose some.But one decision at any given moment can change everything you worked so hard to create.And what are we walking into?WhyContinue reading “Leaving”

Manifesta to Myself

By Eloise Anagnost, TIWP Student Hello.I am here,not to be an emblem of cheer,because just like you,nothing can ever be expectedto maintain anunaffected stanceon all that appears.I am not hereto raise fear,or appraise your obedience,which seems to only bringmore pain.I am not here to tell youyou are prettyor some otherseemingly wittyphrase.I am not here toContinue reading “Manifesta to Myself”

Pen to Paper

By Olivia Tiffin, TIWP Student You scratch my pages with ink and fill them with words.You write down many things, some similar, some different.But every time, the sharpness of your tip dies down with dark black words that dry permanently soon after. I have one question for you: what is the meaning of ruining theContinue reading “Pen to Paper”

I Am

By Olivia Tiffin, TIWP Student I am the wind that blows through the meadow. I am the fire that lights the path.I am the stars that shine brightly upon you.I am,I am the feel of grass on your feet.I am the rocks that make your mountains. I am the river that leads you. I am,Continue reading “I Am”

Always Like This

By Neena Grewal, TIWP Student It will always be like this,the endless tumble betweenhigh and lovelike ragged wavesso turbulently tameto the tides.I was caught in an wave onceclose to shorethinking I would dieas my head brushed the sandand my lungs ached already.It’s like this every other week.The other half isholding onto an electric eelthrilling asContinue reading “Always Like This”

Some Helpless Creature

By Robin Grewal, TIWP Student They named me,for that was what I was.Some helpless creaturethey locked awayin a bird cage made of crinolines,roaming the hallswith the drapes drawnand hands slender and weak.‘Why must I stay inside?’I asked once, foolishly.His teacup clinked against its plate.‘Because you are a helpless creature,’he replied,‘And that is all.’ That night,Continue reading “Some Helpless Creature”


By Hazel Smith, TIWP Student looking through the windowslightningthunderfloodwatersseeping into the holes you left in my heart i let the seaof nothingness engulf me and as it washes awaymemoriespainheartbreaki start anew

You Are Enough

By Eloise Anagnost, TIWP Student “We accept the love we think we deserve.” —from The Perks of Being A Wallflower We accept the love we think we deserve,but we are blinded to the fact that:there is so much more lovewe don’t accept,so much more thatwants to be given to usthat we push away.Love isn’t somethingContinue reading “You Are Enough”

True Beauty

By Eloise Anagnost, TIWP Student I am beautiful because,I was brought to lifeby two incredible people,each soimmeasurablybeautiful.The intertwining of their soulsrendered me whole,in the mist of a chillingFall.I guess I know,afterall,what made the leaves change their colorthat fateful season.I am beautiful because,though I thought I was whole,through the conjoined souls,there was a beautyI was stillContinue reading “True Beauty”

What is Beauty?

By Amelia Chen, TIWP Student What is beauty? Is it a trait, a sense, a feeling? Does it come from wonder, from manipulating, from a blessing? What makes beautiful? What even makes being? In my hands I hold these musings, gripping firmly, not releasing. Or maybe beauty is just the word you use to labelContinue reading “What is Beauty?”

The Barrier

By Sana Miller, TIWP Student Smell of sugar and burnt dreams, do the stars look different over there? Here I lie, awake at night,my slice of the nightmare.Melted candle wax to burn your skin, decaying smiles plastered on the wall. Just another thingfilling my emptiness, that’s how I look at the brick wall.

The Window

By McCoy Heaton, TIWP Student I am the broad window in the corner of the dark room,thick with black it would be, without me. I let silvery light in through my thin pane,keeping the room out of the black. I am looked at by others with distaste,as the white paint on my frame chips away.Continue reading “The Window”

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